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red question

There’s something I’d like to ask you do to. It’s something you should do as many times as you possibly can. Over and over and over, again. You should do it alone and you don’t need anything special, just you (that’s more than special enough).

What I’d like to ask you to do is, once the night has come enough so that you’re able to see the stars, go outside. Go outside – hopefully somewhere quiet and peaceful – and look up.

Take in everything you see above you. Try to look as deeply as you possibly can; you’re not looking for anything in particular. Don’t think about or try to understand the expanse that is the Universe; you can’t. Don’t do the math on a “light year” to gain perspective on how far it is; you won’t. And, don’t start counting how many stars are up there; we’ve only got so much time, here.

Look up and transcend your feet being flat on the ground. Fix your gaze so that you’ve surrounded yourself by the endless dark of space. Breathe in, not only the air around you, but the idea that there is more; much more. Ask yourself this;

What is there REALLY to be afraid of?

How can am I not bigger than everything in front of me?

If I’m not here because of and for to be Love, then why am I here?

Do this as many times as you can. Be outside. Be one with the Universe. Be one with your Self. Ask the questions a hundred times if you have to; the answers are innate. You know them; you need to keep reminding yourself. We all do.

Be Love.


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