a moment of stillness.




deep space


Do you ever stop? Like, really stop? I don’t just mean calling it a night and reading a book or sitting in silence or closing your eyes. I don’t even mean having a meditation practice and driving your focus to your breath; inhale, exhale, wander, come back, inhale, exhale.

Do you ever stop? And, just stop? You listen but cannot hear. Look but do not see. Touch but do not feel? Do you ever stop?

Love. It is the compassion you own, the forgiveness you offer and the freedom you afford.

Love is not the answer because there is no question as to what is true. Love is not the opposite of fear because both cannot co-exist. Love is neither easy nor hard because it is immeasurable.

Beyond the noise and the colours and the perceptible overload, Love is what makes up actual sense. It is true that Love is also the noise and the colours and the perceptible overload, but that is because we do not stop. We do not choose to transcend what is here and now in place of what is everywhere and always; Love.

We do not need to become Love but rather extinguish the idea that we are not Love.

However deep you believe your Universe to be, Love is deeper. However bright you believe the stars shine, Love shines brighter. However big you expand your consciousness to be, Love is bigger.

You are Love.

There is no fear. You are the most brave you’ve ever been, right now.

There is no emptiness. You are the most full you’ve ever been, right now.

There is no you. You are Love.

Stop.For a moment.And, be still.

Let Love drown you in a tidal wave.

You are Love.

Be Love.




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  1. ReplyMaria

    Beautifully said, So simple, but the hardest thing to do, for so many of us.

  2. ReplyJennifer

    The most beautiful thing you have written, I feel.... thank you!

    • Replyjames jaworsky

      Really, really thank you. It means very much to me for you to share your thoughts. :)

  3. Replygreen-moonlight

    The stillness we want is given by ourselves. We stop we when want to stop. However, it is so hard to realize it as we always think because of the noisy outside that makes the inside of us impossible to be still. Stillness is not achieved by taking time off from work or ran into a place where nobody knows us. It takes internal strength, and in my opinion, every single feeling requires internal strength. The past week I feel so painful and I told one of my best friends that I don't know what to believe now and I want out of what I am in right now. I clearly expressed my frustration and feelings of being hurt. Then what I get from this friend is that I am still not strong enough as if I am, I won't let what outside of me that makes me feel painful. At the beginning I was mad as I wanted support, not a lecture. However, I did give a 2nd thought and realized it is true. The pain inside of me is given by myself, I let the outside to break the peace inside of me. It takes time and practice to be really strong. All right, nerd, be bright and be love!

    • Replyjames jaworsky

      Stillness is everywhere. It's all around us. As you said, it's given to us by ourselves. We can achieve this anywhere and everywhere. It is okay to feel the pain, and yes, we do control that which is ours. What you realize to be true will be what you choose to be true. Be Love. :)

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