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heart work – meet force with feeling

We are all presented with conflict in our daily lives. Whether with our family, friends, co-workers or even strangers, instinctively, most of us are conditioned to “fight back”. STOP. Recognize this opportunity as one to live through your Heart. Whatever the situation, big or small, STOP. Stop before you even begin. Take a deep breath and acknowledge what’s happening. Tell yourself that you won’t get on the defensive. Tell yourself everything will be okay no matter what. Instead of firing back, ask a question. Instead of getting tough, find softness. Exercise calmness and compassion. Try to understand what’s being communicated to you. Don’t worry about being right or wrong. Absorb what comes to you. Your pride will get put in the backseat; but this will allow your Heart be the driver. If two speeding, uncompromising objects meet head on, the result is collision and catastrophe. But, if one of those objects can open up, absorb and embrace the other, you’ll create a larger more powerful force that is now, hopefully, moving in the same positive direction together.

Keep practicing.  Meet force with feeling.

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