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a six-letter, four-letter word


Your world is changing.

All around you, there is change. Change of a sort that is not universally perceptible but rather individual. As though, specifically, particularly, tailor made for you. Just you.

It’s a change that only you will experience. It’s a change that only you can experience. You could attempt to speak about it. But you won’t need to. You could try to explain it. But truthfully, you probably won’t know what to say or how to say it. “It’s just different”, doesn’t really cut it.

But, you won’t really care. Not in the way as to turn your back on everything else and walk away. But to realize that this change doesn’t require you to care. It’s just requires you to take care.

You’ll feel the change in the warmth on your face from the sun, the sway of the trees in the wind, the ability to “see” the beauty in everything, the peace and calm inside of you – the peace and calm around you.

You can’t hold onto this change. It doesn’t work like that. There isn’t anything with this magnitude of truth in your life that would allow you to lose it. Loss begat fear. There is nothing to fear with this change. It’s always there with you, always will be there with you.

It may be difficult to understand because nothing in your physical life will need to change, but yet everything in your life will change. You can still go to your same job, wear the same clothes and like the same music. Or, you could not do any of those things.

This change is yours and yours alone. And, it will change the world. But it can only change your world. Hearts and minds of true enlightenment and wisdom know that there is no world to change. You are your world. Hearts and minds of true enlightenment and wisdom know that you only need to be your world and nothing else.

Stop waiting for it.

Be Love.










it goes how high?

Once upon a time, there was no solar system. There was an Earth and a moon and a Sun and the stars. There was only what could be seen.

Then, slowly, our view expanded. Far away distances became closer and newer, even further away distances replaced the old.

There were planets and star systems and a galaxy was found. The galaxy that housed our Earth. There was discovery after discovery. The newer, even further away distances were now known and documented. And now, even more further and less understood distances became apparent. Our view expanded.

More stars were observed; their sizes dwarfing that of our own Sun. Further, man sought to discover another galaxy, Andromeda. This spiral galactic neighbour of our Milky Way is estimated to support more than one trillion stars – more than two times as many as ours.

And, again, our view expanded.

Light years became a distance. Parsecs wasn’t just sci-fi, anymore. Dark matter was introduced only to simply be a stranger to physical cosmology. I know????

Once upon a time, there was an end to the Universe. There was an end because it was as far as we could measure. But, the end became further and further away because the choice was made to be bigger; to be grander. To be resolute in what only was seen limited what more was unseen.

To suggest there is an “end” to the Universe, only needs reminder of the days in which the Earth was flat.

To suggest there is an “end” to your capacity as Love, only needs reminder of the grand scale of the Universe, the star that you are in it and the light that is your potential.

We measure first, then we become. We suggest we will be “this” forgiving or “that” compassionate, and then we fill that end – content with reaching the goal. What if we just became? What if we just started and didn’t stop? What if we said we will move “that” way, but that there would be no end? What if you were just Love and peace and light without a parameter? Surely, if the Universe can teach us anything, it would be that.

Your power is only defined by the definition. If the Universe is evermore, then so must you be. Counterintuitive as it seems, the limitation of your physical self enables your infinite being. It’s like, you wouldn’t know pain if you were invincible. And so how could you be infinite without first being introduced to limitation?

We stop anything because we believe it’s as far as we go or because we’ve seen someone only go a certain distance. It’s only the idea of being finite which can limit something that just isn’t – your soul, your light, you as Love. There isn’t an “isn’t” in anything that is You.

So go.

Be Love.




how to get rich….?


When I had initially thought this through, it seemed like I had it sorted out. Not that I was proficient in the practice of self-worth, but that I understood what it meant. My theory seemed “right” because the sense it made had a certain definitive logic to it. And certainly, logic can be a barometer for much in life. If you were a machine, logic would be your answer probably nine times out of nine. If you were based upon a series of algorithms or math equations, physics laws and theories of thermodynamics. Yes. Logic is your horse. But, you’re not a machine.

My original thoughts on this were an outline about how to measure self-worth. Of course, it wasn’t about what you owned or where you lived; nothing to do with how much money you had. I thought, albeit for more than a few moments, it was all about how you treated yourself; exercise, rest, meaningful relationships, fun, even, contradictory to a sentence ago, buying or doing something nice for you – all paramount to achieving and believing in self-worth. But, you know, it’s just physical stuff. Physical stuff for your physical self. It’s real, but it’s not really real. And, it keeps us, unfortunately, busy.

I don’t dismiss taking care of your physical self. Feel good about it. Do whatever you can. Buy yourself everything, if it suits you. But, it’s not self-worth. Treating yourself well is not self-worth; it’s just….treating yourself well. Good things only make us feel worthy when we have the good things. So, what about when we have the good things, but don’t feel good? There’s the “logic” of logic falling apart right in front of you. The challenge with “good things” is that when we don’t have access to them or experience them regularly, we don’t believe we deserve them. And, when you don’t believe you deserve something, you can’t believe you’re worth anything.

And so, the real challenge isn’t capturing the “good things”, it’s to not fall victim to the belief in “good things”. You can wear any mask you like; but it’s still always going to be you under it.


My initial theory on self-worth couldn’t be “right” because it couldn’t be universally applied and find consistency in its results. Not everyone has access to “good things”. There are those who live impoverished, malnourished and barely able to make it by on a physical level. There is no possible circumstance that I can believe those parameters are what define a person’s ceiling on self-worth. We’re all the same, regardless of what brand of shoes we wear, or if we’re even wearing any at all.

So, what stays consistent no matter what corner of the universe our star is in.


Treating yourself well isn’t self-worth, Loving your Self well is self-worth.

Here’s the part where you don’t get your money’s worth (or maybe you do; reading this is free, I guess); I don’t know how you attain self-worth. I know it’s inside of you. I know you probably have to fake it til you make it. I know, for sure, it’s not any of that stuff that keeps us busy. But, I don’t know how you get there. You don’t know how I get there, either. It’s not that you have to do any of this alone, but you have to do it inside of you. You have to be the one that wakes up and says, “I Love myself”. You have to be the one that meditates every morning. You have to be the one that feels like a tree in the forest. You have to be the one that hears the silence of the night on your front step as though you were sitting in the middle of the universe.

This was never meant to offer what self-worth is, it was to offer what self-worth isn’t. It was to say that I believe there is nothing that defines your apex of worth except the physical mind. The part of you, for whatever reason, that needs you to stay grounded in the physical for fear of abandonment. You can leave it behind – it needs you more than you need it.

Be Love.





Fear: an inspiration


Once, a very long time ago, Fear was new to all of ‘this’. Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, it really wanted to make something of itself. Fear didn’t just want to go through its existence as though all was by rote. But, it didn’t exactly know how to do that. Fear knew that it had something inside of itself. Something that it knew it had to offer that nothing else did or could. Fear felt the pull, the push, the drive, the whatever-you-want-to-call-it, to be what it was truly meant to be. It knew that it was more than just to step ‘right foot, left foot’, through life. The biggest challenge, though? Fear was scared.

It had never done this before. It had never taken its own destiny in its hands. It had never really tried to be what it was supposed to be. It seemed like a really big deal to Fear. What if it got it wrong or made a mistake? Worse yet, what if it failed? Then what? Could it start over? Try something different? What would Fear do then? Would that be it for Fear? No, it couldn’t be. Could it?

The whatever-you-want-to-call-it felt too strong in Fear. It tried, for awhile, to ignore it. And, there again, it was scared. Scared to embark on a path that seemed dark and unknown, but yet as though where the light was to be found.

And so, one day a very long time ago, Fear decided to take that first step down the path. It was scary. No doubt about it. It was unfamiliar. No doubt about it. Fear tripped and fell along the way. It made mistakes; it was evitable. How could it not? This whole thing it was doing was new to Fear. But, Fear learned as it went. It tried different things, new things, old things – anything to pull out what it knew it had inside of it. Anything to step into the direction of the whatever-you-want-to-call-it of what it was really meant to be.

Now, Fear is everywhere. It’s living the destiny it couldn’t see, but knew it had for itself. Fear’s reach over its own existence has grown vaster than it probably ever could have imagined. All it really took was that first step. And, that second step. And, however many steps it needed to walk down the path that was there for it. Fear’s not scared anymore. The more Fear let the path show it the way, the more it saw the path. The more comfortable and confident it was. Fear realized that, bumps in the road aside, pursuit of true self will turn no one way. There is no other path than to be one’s true self. Fear did it. Fear became everything it could ever be.

What’s holding you back?

Be Love.

there is a place beyond this place

There is a place beyond this place.

It is taller than the tallest tree; deeper than the deepest ocean; more powerful than the most powerful star.

It is nowhere, but only for reason that it cannot be mapped with longitude or latitude. By which, for the very same contemplation, makes it everywhere.

It is close but simultaneously, can seem never farther away.

For everyone, this place is the same. Yet, the path is different. The complexion of it, the meaning of it, the pull of it; distinct for each, as a fingerprint or a snowflake on a quiet morning.

Where you can go will not be as anyone else has gone, yet the stories are akin. Your true eyes – your soul – will tell the story without words. For, there are no words to tell.

The distance between the stars is incomprehensible, yet it takes but one look up, to see them all. With the tip of a finger and no more than the slightest motion, an invisible line connects any two. Or three, or ten, or all.

There is a place beyond this place.

You needn’t go anywhere. It will come to you. Its power is not what can be done with it, but with what will be done to you. It is not surrender of control. It is an awakening that there is no control. You, by definition, does not include parameters, rules or limitations. You cannot be defined.

True sight is a product of belief. It is a product of knowing. Not that which can be touched or seen, heard or smelled – it is following that line to the star. It is past you, bigger than you, stronger than you. But, it is You.

The mere thought, the knowing, that there is no end to the Universe creates a Universe with no end. The knowing that You are one with Universe, makes it so. It is the same for us all.

For every thought you conjure, feel it. Feel the truth. Don’t see the surface with your eyes, feel its story. Connect to it. Connect to everything that is in your Universe. Follow the invisible line from all that is your Universe to all that is your Heart. The truth is with each of those lines.

No one can tell you how. If were possible to do so, you wouldn’t be able to understand. It is not understood within physical limitations. It is beyond that, this place that is waiting for You. It is waiting for you to allow it to come to You. The search isn’t easy or hard; the journey is not short or long. It cannot be anything because it is not of space or time. It is everything.

Feel the connection, every connection, that is part of You. Feel the invisible lines emanating from your being, like a never-ending power grid whose sole purpose is to illuminate your life; your Universe. Like each and every star in the night sky.

There is a place beyond this place.

Be Love.












what i learned in Canada, eh.

We care too much.

As I survey what is available to absorb around me, I can’t help but think, “we care too much”.

Inundation with constant stimuli, pressures, pings, bings and bops, let alone keeping up with whomever it is we’re “supposed” to be keeping up with now (I think the Joneses are long gone, no?), is everything but peaceful to the self.

We care too much about the thousands of advertisements we see each day. We care too much about what each of those pings, bings and bops are “alerting” us to. We care too about what someone we don’t know has that we don’t have.

You are exhausted. Did you hear?

What I believe, is that the Heart is limitless. I believe it has no bounds and is a never-ending tank of giving, kindness, compassion and Love. Easy, no? Possible? Yes. It’s not easy because you are, after all, still a human. And, with humanness comes parameters. Your physical malleability defines your ability to cultivate without a ceiling. So, you’re gonna bump your head here and there.

As a human being, you can only devote so much of your mind, body and spirit to any endeavour before they need replenishment. Day to day, week to week, year to year, we are given more to care about – more to consume our human being energy and less to restock it. We are stuck in a vacuum with bunch of the wrong stuff. As a person that doesn’t follow politics, I have no issue with, on a near daily basis, having something thrust in front of my attention of the US’ newly elected president. Whether it be through Facebook posts, general conversation or passing by a television of a lobby, there always seems to be something. But, I don’t care. It doesn’t impact my day, my objectives, my mind or my soul. What it does is illustrate how much of our global consciousness is consuming its energy toward the things that aren’t building who we are. This is in reference to any number of soul sapping vampires. Believe me, I waste my energy on stupid shit, too.

As humans, we have a limit to what we can do in a day, or a year, or a lifetime. We care too much, just not about the right things.

Returning to Canada, the beautiful country that I’m grateful to call home, it became the more apparent how with all we have, the amount of our mental and spiritual selves that we squander – that we waste on the frivolities of whatever genre of culture we’ve morphed into as beings of the 21st century.

With the endless advent of forward progress, there is a vast more to “care” about. But, there is actually a vast more to care about (the “” is what makes it make “sense”). Your health, mental and emotional well-being; fostering your creative ability whether by painting, dancing or building ships in bottles; spending time with friends and family – sharing and growing joy and Love. And, heck, there’s just plain old getting more sleep. The list of what you should care about is not really super long, it’s really super powerful.

What I found most interesting about my travels to the other side of the Earth was not about what I learned there, but what I learned about where I came from. We live in an wonderful country with unyielding opportunity and fortune. With, literally, as your freedom, to be any person you wish to be. And no, it’s not lost on me that by lauding the freedom to choose who you are and what you do contradicts my balloting toward finding the beautiful space to fill up with your energy and kicking the proverbial bullshit to the curb. I get that. But, I also think there’s so much more for us all to get. The way to get it, is by giving. By giving your time to taking care of yourself. By giving yourself a break once in awhile and not being so self-critical.  By giving yourself an opportunity to laugh. And, by giving your Self to something that fills you up and doesn’t steal your energy.

The pings, bings and bops are new; your Heart’s been around forever. In with the old, out with the new.

Be Love.

what i learned in India

Two and a half weeks, in the grand bucket of life, is really not much more than a drop. What life will show you, on occasion, is that eventually there’s a drop that makes the bucket overflow – why? To get your attention.

My adventure to India was chock full of typical “I-went-to-India” stuff. Curries, an elephant ride, public bathrooms where it was better to not touch anything other than yourself, haggling in the streets for tchotchkes and yes, a restless night in a front of a hotel room toilet “detoxing” – there’s definitely more glamourous ways to lose a few pounds, for sure.

And, although I left a little bit of me in India on that one night, I will certainly take away a whole lot more.

The people of India are some of the most kind-hearted, sincere, genuine people I have ever met. The smiles that welcome you in whatever place you find yourself are the truest in spirit. And, amidst a challenged infrastructure that doesn’t have much of a chance to support the population, the people are the real foundation there.

There is beauty to the eye that chooses to see it. Yes, it’s dirty. Yes, it’s smoggy. And yes, it’s very crowded. But, the other ‘yes’ is that both the cities and countrysides of India possess beauty. If you want to see it, it’s there. Just look.

India is a convicted country of beliefs, culture and religion in the most modest and meek manner. Both young and old, men and women, were humble yet strong in their faith. It seemed as though time could never be advanced enough for the people to leave behind their beliefs and traditions of centuries old. A very powerful aura.

And, although I learned something about this country and its people at many of the corners my trip turned upon, what these excursions usually are about (if you want them to be) is, you. It’s what you learn about you – “finding yourself”, “soul searching”, insert synonymous cliche here, right?

My reason for trekking to India was, ultimately, to visit a place called Auroville. As well, a guided tour and meditation retreat for the two and half weeks supplemented this mission. All in the name of personal growth. The spirit of Auroville, I think, would be a tough one for any person to argue against – Unity, Peace, Harmony, Love and anything and everything synonymous with those ideals is the foundation for which Auroville is built. Truly, a wonderful experience and energy to be found in this little place.

But, as much as these definitive “itinerary” items; touring the south of India, the retreat, Auroville, contributed to my personal story, my true growth wasn’t a product of the regularly scheduled program.

Being away really zeroed in my focus on what my life “is”. Truthfully, it wasn’t something I had expected to happen. I had anticipated that I’d have a bunch of revelatory moments all as a product of what I was doing in India. And, I guess, in a way I did. But, it was more like, “what am I doing in India?”

My perspective is different than what it was when I left. Yes, witnessing some of the very meager living conditions that a great deal of people call daily life certainly made me more grateful for what I have. As did the basic conveniences that maybe aren’t so basically convenient over there. And after a week of being back, I’m pretty comfortable in saying that I think I’ve only once not thought “thank you” as I’ve stepped into my hot shower.

But really, what it’s come to be for me is that there is nothing that I need to chase. Globe trotting is wonderful; I would never dissuade anyone from seeing the world. Being driven and motivated to achieve western civilization’s idea of “success” is admirable. Again, I would only have support for a person in their dream. For me though, what really came to the forefront is that everything really is inside.

It’s finding gratitude in whatever it is that you have, big or small. It doesn’t matter what it is but only that it makes you smile, makes you laugh, fills you with warmth or just makes you feel full.

It’s not only finding the beauty in everything around you, it’s being the beauty for everything around you. This is possible, for what you are, as a being on this Earth, is beauty. It might take a bit of re-education or re-programming or re-perspective, but it’s possible. You, unequivocally are the representation of beauty.

And last but anything but least, truly, without doubt, life is about amplifying Love. The amount of Love that’s out there for all of us, each and every one of us, is immeasurable. As I reflected many nights before bed while on my trip, I couldn’t shake how much sense it made that there really was nothing for me to search for. Not away from home on adventures, not in the form of material things, not through the attainment of class or status. It’s really just all about the Love inside to give and Love on the outside to receive. I thought about this at length and almost felt a little embarrassed that it took me so long to realize how much opportunity there is to be Love right where you are with whatever it is you have at your disposal. And, that’s why I couldn’t help but come to the conclusion that there is no race to be run, no prize to put on the mantel. Home, faith, hope, Love – it’s all inside of you. When you open that up, not only does it come bursting out, but you’ll really see how much is also trying to come in.

You are Love.

Be Love.

Find yourself –

Find the world –


mind; your business

There’s a power we all possess. It’s not anything we earn or have to work for. It’s not a matter of gaining by taking, or exerting it externally. It’s power that’s within.

Power is a product of the mind – it’s the business of your mind. What you manufacture in your mind, how you employ the resources of your mind and, ultimately, what you produce as a finished product from your mind. That is the business of your mind. The idea, the blueprint, the construction and result, is the power you own over every “synapse” your mind experiences. From birth to death; both your own and whatever thought has taken place in your consciousness.

Often, to be tangible, we feel the need to exert power outward. We feel that to produce what we think we need, it will occur by whatever pressure we exert away from our self. We believe that if we find the correct angle, the exact pressure point, we will create the brilliance we seek. But, your mind is already the diamond. There is no pressure necessary. It’s simply a matter of finding the light to make it shine.

There’s no twelve step program or New York Times Bestseller that’s going to tell you how do it. Is their guidance and direction and things of that nature, helpful? Yes. Are they helpful? They are. But, no one outside of you knows how your mind is wired because you’re the one that did the wiring.

So, flip the switch. Communicate to yourself. Observe your thoughts, ask yourself questions, find answers, talk to yourself – inside your head and aloud! Do good things. Do great things! Nurture yourself – meditate, get more sleep, do less “stuff”, go for a massage, force yourself in front of the mirror and know that you’re beautiful. It’s all about practice. It’s about triggering the power you have in your mind and using it the right way. The way you intended to use it – being the best possible version of yourself for the world to enjoy.

This Christmas season, amidst the gift-buying, the crowded malls, the too-much-food-eating, the “oh no, my crazy relatives, again”, do one extra thing. Keep doing all the million miles an hour stuff, but do one extra thing. Stop and use your mind. Connect it to your Heart and connect to the energy that is all around you. Think. That’s it; just think. Think about peace, about compassion, about tolerance, about Love. All you have to do is think about it. You don’t have to give money to charity or not buy an iPad. You don’t have to make a resolution to be a better person. Just think about the power you have to be any and all of those things; peaceful, compassionate, tolerant and Loving; and, just send it out there with the energy of your mind.

Simple, hey? Looking forward to how powerful you’ll get.

Be Love.

sherpa anyone? sherpa EVERYONE!


Love Yourself!

Coffee mugs, t-shirts, half-price art from Home Outfitters; they all seem to recommend the same thing. Great advice, no doubt; hard to go wrong with it. Every morning, my bathroom wall inspires me to “Love yourself and the rest will follow”, while I take my first number one of the day.

But you know, I’ve flipped those mugs over to look at the bottom; checked the tags on those t-shirts; and looked at the back of those canvasses – they’re all the same. No instructions. Well, maybe, “Made in Thailand” is some clandestine road to salvation?

The challenge with “Love yourself” is that it’s big. Really big. And yet, more often than not, you’ve paid $16.99 for two, very powerful, very ambiguous words. It’s like 4 ½ minutes at the therapist, “good luck with the rest of your life”, as the door actually hits you on the ass on the way out.

Deep inside, we all want to Love the person we see in the mirror. It’s the truth; it has to be. It’s just that actually going about it, especially if couldn’t feel further from it, probably seems too overwhelming to even understand. Where to start? Where to go? Where to finish?

“Love yourself” isn’t meant to be an imperceptible blueprint. It’s not meant to be a daily existential awakening. It’s actually really simple. Just take it easy on yourself. Put the shovel away, you don’t always need to dig into your soul.

Like anything in life, looking up a mountain you can’t see the top of, isn’t easy. The real realness of it is that Loving yourself will always be the biggest mountain in your life. It’s supposed to be that way so that your experience of evolution and growth will never end. Because, Love knows no end.

You can’t get to the top of this mountain in one big leap. But, you know something; you can climb it every single day. You can take your time. You can stumble. You can take a rest. You can do whatever you want. Just take it easy; take it simple. Find the easiest way to start. Buy some shoes, eat cookies, call in sick; make yourself feel good. It doesn’t matter how; just do things that make you smile. There’s a million ways to do any and all of it. And, they don’t all require transcending consciousness.

Loving yourself doesn’t come with instructions because it can’t. My instructions wouldn’t be your instructions wouldn’t be your neighbour’s instructions. But, you have them. We all do. It’s a smile, a laugh, feeling safe, a hug; all by whatever means that comes to you. The universe doesn’t know your Heart is singing because you just had a life-altering mediation or because you just drank a delicious hot chocolate.

My advice, no $16.99 required, is to not over complicate things. Or, over emphasize them. Or, over think them. Find the things that move you up the mountain, however transcendental or not.

When you start small, you end up big.

Be Love.







thomas edison doesn’t have anything on you


There’s a streetlamp in my neighborhood that’s got my attention.

It’s not burnt out. It’s not covered in taped-on ads for basement accounting services or eaves trough cleaning. It’s a plain old streetlamp. It looks like all the others.

Except, every couple of seconds, intermittingly, its brightness pulses; and it catches my eye. That lamp still does its job, just like all the others, only with these little bursts of energy.

In truth, the first time I drove past it, I thought, “that light isn’t working right?” The second time I drove past it, I thought, “I wonder when they’re going to fix that light?” The third time I drove past it, I thought, “what makes me think it’s broken?”

I pulled into my garage, shut my truck down and sat there. I couldn’t actually figure out why I’d believed that light needed to be fixed other than to decide it just wasn’t doing the same thing as all the rest. And, I guess, it didn’t look “right”. But, you know, what does “right” even look like? There it was, shining brightly with, you could probably say, an extra bit of oomph than its friends.

Those extra little beats of light, like its Heart, lit up the street just fine; maybe more so than the others. And true, I guess it wasn’t the same as all the rest of the streetlamps. Maybe its exterior was. But, the way it shone, wasn’t.

Be bright your own way to create light your own way.

Be Love.