It just happened. the[heart]movement.

It wasn’t scripted, it wasn’t forced, it wasn’t even thought about. It was just there; an idea to be taken hold of. My first real testament to the power of being open to what your Heart wants to tell you.

That’s what this new direction of life is about. Being open. Nothing of dramatic impact had happened. I hadn’t been diagnosed with a terminal disease. I didn’t lose a family member. I’m not homeless. There was just emptiness. An incomprehensible emptiness in someone (me!) that has a wonderful family, caring friends, a nice place to live and a good job. It almost made it worse that there was no rhyme or reason behind it. How to find a solution when you don’t know what the problem is?

In retrospect, the solution couldn’t have been any more simple. There only was one answer – LET GO. I got it; in theory. It made sense; in theory. Stop trying to control and understand everything. Just let go. It’s a surrender of the most empowering kind. It was getting out of my own way and realizing what makes me tick.

my Heart.

Literally and spiritually. The more I looked to my Heart, the more I looked from my Heart. Things started feeling less empty. And so, why not follow where my Heart was leading? It made sense to meditate more. It made sense to read more. It made sense to give more. Living from the Heart actually felt like LIVING. Finally!

“Life is a journey, not a destination” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Much like life, I don’t know where this website is going or what it will be. But, I know that both will forever be under construction. And, that’s okay. In fact, it’s great! It won’t always be nicely paved, but I trust that the path I’m on is the path I’m supposed to be on. I’m here to do my best at whatever it is I’m supposed to be doing and the rest will take of itself. As long as I’m living from my Heart, the rest will take care of itself.

the[heart]movement was founded in December of 2013 and calls Winnipeg, Canada, home.


*a special thank you to Gary Lotocki for his efforts toward making this website a reality!


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  1. ReplyLucie Roussin

    James! thank you for being on the Planet and thank you for being YOU! Love what you have done with this website. Wish I could hire you to write my book. Love this with all my heart.

    • Replyjames jaworsky

      Thank you for taking the time to offer your message, Lucie. I, definitely, appreciate it very much!

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