you can run but you can’t hide.


You can run, but you can’t hide.

It’s not a threat. It’s just the Universe’s way of showing it Loves you.

Much of our physical existence, here on this planet, can be thought of as a test. It’s not so much as a pass/fail type of test, but sorta the same, in that, whatever it is you don’t get, you’ll have to. Eventually. Thankfully, there’s no cap on how many chances there is, no time limit you’re allotted and no grading on a curve.

There’s no pressure to understand the big picture or why these things are happening. It’s just a question of how motivated you are to “graduate”.

In this lifetime, we’ll all face any number of challenges. Some, we won’t seem to be able to shake; some, we won’t even identify. Some, we’ll conquer; some, we’ll be convinced are insurmountable. Regardless, they’re all there because they need to be. That’s the plan you’ve drawn up for yourself; that’s the deal you made with Universe before you even knew you made a deal with the Universe.

And, it’s all because of Love.

There are just certain things each of us needs to learn more than others. Maybe you’re the most compassionate person ever, just not to yourself. Maybe you couldn’t tell a lie to save your life, only you hurt people in the process. The Universe just wants to put you in alignment with the vibration of Love in all of your life. But, the bit of this all that may not seem all that Loving is that the Universe isn’t going to let you off the hook. It can’t. It’ll let you run, but it won’t let you hide. It will honour the deal you’ve struck with it for as long as it needs to be honoured. It will give you Love. But, it wants you to use that Love to find more.

And so, the choice we have, when we recognize it, is to meet whatever challenge in front of us, head on. It’s to end self-judgment, it’s to be honest with your partner, it’s to address the abuse you face and it’s to say sorry and mean it. It’s to face whatever barrier that is not allowing you to open that channel of Love. The Universe will wait for you to get there. It will give you as many opportunities for success as you need and has probably already thrown you a bunch that you’ve either ignored, haven’t even seen or just outright blundered. It’s okay. You’ll get there.

In truth, the choice that you’re really making in all of this is not whether you’ll address whatever it is that seems to be the weight of world on your shoulders, it’s just when. And you know, once you get past that one, there will probably be another one waiting for you. Each one is a step closer in experiencing convenience store Love – open all the time. 🙂

Be Love.


PS: even 7-Eleven started out as only being open from 7am til 11pm until figuring out the best way to reach as many people as possible was to be open all the time.

Who knew the answer to life was reflected in the same place you can get a Big Gulp? 😉




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