leggo my Universe


It’s a little daunting, owning your own Universe. Lots going on there. Tonnes to keep track of. And, mucho responsibility.

But, that’s the reality of it. Your life; your existence, is the product of the Universe you’ve created for yourself. At some juncture, in the complete absence of any space time continuum, you’ve created the Universe you exist in. You’ve made it the way you needed it to be and continuously support it (sometimes, better than others).

Acknowledgement of that is, at the same time, liberating and terrifying. Liberating, in that, you can trust that you’re where you’re supposed to be. Your higher consciousness has put you here, not to throw you into struggle, but because it’s necessary for the evolution of the person you’re meant to be. Your story, opening up chapter by chapter, is there to help you see more clearly, who you really are. The lessons you learn, are for you and you alone.

Terrifying because, it’s all on you. In your Universe, there is only you writing the story.

The static we all, inevitably, experience, starts when we believe that someone else’s Universe is also ours; when we believe we can edit a story that doesn’t belong to us.

There are as many Universes simultaneously going on as there are souls. Each of us has exactly one that is our responsibility. Yet, in so many instances, we believe we have control over those that are not our own.

We direct, restrict, “advise”, deny, intervene, contravene, disagree and dictate. We, all too often, think we know what’s best for someone else. So, we try to get them to do whatever it is we think they should do; what we think will work best for them. Or, even more popular, the one where we try to get people to do the things that we believe will be best for us. That’s when we really attempt to take hold of someone else’s Universe and story and make it our own. But, it’s not ours to do so.

The only story you can really change, is yours. All others, we need to let go of. If we want change in our Universe, it’s up to us to be the change agent. That’s not to say you won’t experience a change of the inputs to your life, but it is to say that it will be a product of your output.

Want better communication? Communicate better.

Want more attention? Pay more attention.

Want greater Love? Give greater Love.

Often, when we seek things from an external source, we believe it’s that source that requires modification. Rarely, do we think to “lead by example” or to create that change by our own action or to just understand the external source.

All those external sources have their own Universe to which they’ve created. It’s not for us to change, nor could we even. Each one of those external sources plays a role in YOUR Universe, and, that’s the Universe you have unlimited access to. That’s where you always get to be the boss.

Be Love.








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