who are you and what have you done with me?


Not always, but sometimes, if there were a mirror in front of me (figuratively speaking, of course), I don’t think I’d recognize myself.

Not because I’m phoney or trying to be something I’m not, but because maybe, from time to time, I’m not okay with who I really am.

It’s just an inevitable part of relationships. Relationships with friends; relationships with family; with your co-workers; even strangers. And, most importantly, with yourself.

There are some instances that we’re simply playing to our audience. We all do it and there’s really no egregious harm. It doesn’t make you a bad person or a fake; it’s something we sorta need to do to go about our daily lives with a hiccup or two less. I don’t think we spiral out of control on this one, hopefully, given we’re usually pretty aware of what we’re doing and we don’t really feel too much remorse toward it – I guess, provided your moral compass wasn’t bought at the dollar store.

The situation, or situations, where it gets tough, is when you know you’re “pretending” but it makes you feel lousy. This, usually, is when you’re not okay with you. This is when you’re compromising who you authentically are inside. And, that stinks.

Shutting out our true self can really push us in the wrong direction. It’s the one that convinces us we’re not good enough being who we really are. We tell ourselves that we should be different; like that person or this person, or whoever. Just not who we are because that person isn’t good enough. And that, is not Love.

Does it mean you won’t or shouldn’t ever change? No. We all experience some level of our own evolution whether we recognize it or not. It just means to not deny who you are right now, at every moment. What you need to change, what you need to evolve to, will happen. If you stay committed to being your true self, change will happen. It’s almost as though you won’t have a choice because your Heart will do the pulling. And, nothing is stronger.

Being your authentic self means you’re doing your best to Love who you are. When Love is the reason, the result will always be exactly what it needs to be.

So, stick up for the person that isn’t there, speak your mind (with Love, of course) even when it will ruffle feathers, don’t hide that you solve math problems for fun, cry when it hurts, laugh at the stupid stuff that makes you laugh and just let you be you.

Be Love.


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