this is your life and it’s ending one minute at a time.

lost everything

There’s a part in the movie, Fight Club, whereby the fearless, alter ego antagonist of the narrator, orders him to, “just let go”. As our dissociative identity disorder suffering protagonist finally surrenders to the imploring instructions to “let go!”, the Lincoln Town Car they’ve decided to no longer pilot goes tumbling off the side of the highway into a ravine.

Emerging from the wreckage, mostly unscathed and somewhat coming to each other’s aid, the manipulative imaginary friend can be heard exclaiming, “we just had a near life experience!”

We just had….a near life experience.

The whole movie persecutes modern day ideals and looks to poke as many holes it can in the things society largely cares about. And, while no one is suggesting you set an office building on fire, I guess it might make a person wonder if they’ve ever had a “near life experience”? Or, what that even means, for that matter.

I’m sitting here, thinking about that question, and I want to answer with a, “yes”. I mean, I’ve had to of, right? I’m alive; I’m living; I’m doing things all the time. I’m having “life experiences”. Or, am I?

We’re always grasping at the steering wheel. We’re always trying to know where we’re going. Do we ever really just “let go”? It’s not really our fault that we don’t. It’s all we know. We’ve been told, for as long as we can remember that we need to be control. How else will we get where we’re supposed to be getting? How else will we reach our potential? Funny thing, though; where it is, exactly, that we’re supposed to be getting? And, does our “potential” really have a limit to be reached?

That Lincoln Town Car is Love. The antagonist; that’s the Universe. The highway, or the ravine or the road block or whatever, is your life. And, you? Well, you’re you.

The Universe just wants you to let go. It’s got you; it’s not going to let anything happen to you that shouldn’t. It can’t necessarily prove it (and, you want proof because you’re a human), but that’s why you have Love. To trust that when you surrender to the Universe and let Love carry you through life, you’re gonna be okay.

And, even when you do trudge through something that really beats you up, it’s still because you need to trudge through it. You need to get beaten up. All those which we really experience are checkpoints in our evolution. They’re the signs, that when we’re open, receptive and paying attention, tell us that we’re doing what we need to be doing. We’re having “near life experiences”.

No one says you have to like or enjoy life all the time. The Universe doesn’t say that, Love doesn’t say that and we don’t say that. But, let your life go. Do your part and allow a greater being to take you the rest of the way. There’s an ability to be free in every way that you are not right now. It’s to get in the car, put it into drive, step on the gas and let go of the wheel.

Be Love.











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  1. Replygreen-moonlight

    It is not "let it go" but rather "let it be". There are so many things that we don't have control and we can't avoid facing these situations on a daily basis such as working with someone you don't like or your beloved one hangin out or even like someone you absolutely don't like. What can you do? Nothing but just let it be as time will tell. At least this is what I am choosing to do now. I know it is not feeling great, but that is fine as at least I know what and how I feel about it.

  2. Replyjames jaworsky

    But, there is a way to let go and feel great. It is to put your trust and faith in that what is happening is because it is where you need to be. Reminder of that can be very powerful to help us feel more at peace and in contentment.

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