can i get YOUr attention, please?


So, there you are. Standing at the podium. The microphone is on. You’re nervous; but, with good reason. It’s a bit of a big deal. You’re definitely not certain you can do this. But, you’re gonna try. You have to. It really is the next step you need to take.

You’re about to give your acceptance speech.

Your audience? One person. One. Just you. That’s right, you. There’s only one soul that cares to hear what you have to say on the matter. And, you couldn’t be more interested in you. You’ve been waiting a long time for you to come around. You’ve always known it was in you, but were just trying to be patient with you. You really have a lot to benefit from hearing this.

Do you know what you would say?

Would you go through the list of barriers that have prevented you from realizing who you truly are? Your appearance, the “bad” decisions you’ve made through life, not being honest with yourself and others around you, building walls to keep everything out, the guilt? Or, maybe you’d simply say, “I accept you and Love you for who are, who you were and who you’re going to be”?

Your acceptance speech can be as long or as short as you want it to be. In fact, you don’t even have to say anything at all. All you need to do is bring yourself into your Heart. Fully. Completely. And, let go.

There is one relationship in your life that will be the pillar to every other relationship you will experience. That is the relationship you have with yourself. It’s a relationship that, to fully realize who you are, is to fully accept everything that you come with. Your inadequacies, your insecurities and your inabilities as much as your strengths, successes and skills.

Acceptance of exactly who you are is not to surrender or give up, it’s to do exactly the opposite. It’s to realize the power you are able to possess. It’s to remove the clouds that loom overhead when you don’t accept who you are. You are who you are because you need to be.

Clouds or not, Love is always shining. Love is always waiting for you to come around, doing what it needs to in the background. Allowing it to break through the clouds only shines more light on who you really are, giving you clarity, illuminating the way. And, isn’t that what life is really about; offering the authentic you to yourself and the rest of the world?

No one is saying you have to master this the first time. But, just try it. Close your eyes, breathe, feel your Heart, feel your being, forget everything else accept the soul that is right there and say, I Love You.

Then, do it again.

Be Love.









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  1. Replygreen-moonlight

    Yes it is you that you need to overcome. However, the support from your friends and families will only make you love yourself even more! I used to not believe it, I thought I can live with everything to myself. Yes I can, and I Still can. However, why shouldn't we let things to be better? Give other people a chance to get to know you, to help you and to love you. I know the only person who can hurt you is you and the only person will stress you is you. Yes, no doubt as it is how you looked at things. However, without other support from the outside will help you go through your worst time. Actually there is no the worst. Today I talked to a friend full with tears and he said "now you feel sad and later you will realize and be able to see that there is a reason for what has happened to you". I was upset pretty much for everything. I have been fighting for that trap that has bugged me for a long long time. I was worried I won't be able to get out. Now I know I will and it is just a matter of when I will get out. The answer is soon! By the way, this comment has nothing to do with your comment, but more an explanation. The more I care for a person and a relationship. I tend to give more impact on that person to me; i.e. if that person changed the attitude on me I will start to worry and feel upset. I then need time to think about it. When people upsets me, I will need time to think and looking that person's face or have to talk to him only make me feel more upset. I don't blame that person, it is me that who feel upset. I love this friend a lot!!!! A lot!!!!! I know he knows but he just hasn't realized it. I know the way I love people may seem strange and even frustration. However that is because I care for those beloved one so much. I want them to care for me too. I know we are all different individuals and I know I should have never asked for their support in return. My life is not dependent on them. However I do want to get their support and attention. All what I want is their trust, their support and their attention. I may change this opinion later. However now I need their support. If they don't give to me, that is fine, I still love them. But I am a human being that I have the same feeling as other people, love, hate, sad and jealous you name it. I am never perfect and will never be. That friend told me that "if this friendship doesn't work for you, then it doesn't work for you." However I have been trying so hard to make things work out the best way as I can. I am tired but I am not going to give up as I am this kind of person that I will never run away from issues! Face them and deal with them, there is a solution and end to everything!!!!

  2. Replyjames jaworsky

    It's natural to feel more impacted the more "invested" we become in a relationship. The more we get to know someone or care for them or love them, the more we become somewhat dependent upon those feelings. It's, almost, as though we need them and aren't sure what to do without them. Unfortunately, when it's not reciprocated, or even if it is reciprocated, but not to our expectations, stress results. Hurt results. Or, frustration results. We hope for a desired result but it isn't what we hoped it would look like and thus it makes things tough on us. This happens in many aspects of life. I think your perspective is on point. Giving love is just about giving love. More often than not, we give with the expectation to receive. But, it's not the receiving that fills us up, it's the giving. Like you suggested, why not allow others in for support and help? That's how we enable others to fill themselves up with love; by giving it. I know, personally, I'm a bit stubborn, and like you, believe I can take everything on myself. That I'm in charge of my feelings and my reactions and my life. So, I don't often think help can come from the outside but rather from the inside. However, I guess slowly, I am learning these lessons as I go. It's also difficult to accept and understand that a person's feelings or responses toward us, has nothing to do with us. It is their own self that is creating whatever reality they choose to have. It's not necessarily to approach things as a "cold" person, but part of loving our own self is to say, "I don't need to worry about what someone else feels or does or says. I'm doing the best that I can from my Heart". As always, thank you for the message! Be well. Be Love.

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