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You ever notice the more you “let go”, the tighter your grip really gets? “Letting go” – it’s almost the new ‘black’ of self-awareness. You know, going with the flow, living a healthful life, having an attitude of forgiveness and being in alignment with your true self. But, I don’t know, are we really “letting go”? Like, getting upset with yourself for skipping yoga class, or feeling the guilt of bacon and eggs instead of green breakfast smoothie , or getting mad at yourself because you got mad at someone else; does any of that sound like “letting go”?

It seems as though “letting go” has almost become an anchor to setting our ship out to sea. It’s become another idea that we’re attached to. Amidst the to-do’s and checklists we’ve created for ourselves in this physical world, we now have one in our spiritual realm that needs following, too – “letting go”. And, when we don’t, we readily put the “self” in self-deprecate.

“Letting go”’ doesn’t have anything to do with sun salutations, kale or forgiveness (well, maybe a bit about forgiveness); it’s about trust. Trust that, if you’re listening closely enough to your Heart, the decisions that are happening for you in YOUR life, are the right ones. Come hell or high water, that which befalls you, needs to. Good stuff, too!

Think about a tree. Ever see a tree freak out when it loses its leaves? Nope. It knows that bigger and brighter green leaves are coming back. How about when it’s really stormy and windy? That tree just seems to sway and lean in any and all directions without complaint. And, when the sun is simply shining brightly, it’s almost as though the tree’s branches reach for the sky; growing bigger, taller.

The tree trusts that the Universe knows what’s best for it. It may seem like it’s not putting any effort into its existence, but it is. It’s really trying, actually. Only, it just tries to be a tree, nothing else.

We try, too. Seemingly, e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. We try to have a firm grasp on, nearly, every little aspect of our lives. I’ve even seen the practice of meditative enlightenment become an exercise in control; my practice, actually. “It doesn’t feel like I’m getting anything out of this….am I doing it right?….I’m bad at this”, are all sentences I’ve said to myself more than once.

“Letting go” isn’t to stifle who you really are at any particular moment or to deny your emotions or to live in guilt. It’s to trust. It’s to experience. It’s to learn. You can still be spiritually evolving and tell someone to go suck a rock. Just maybe, the more you evolve, the less you’ll say, “go suck a rock”. “Letting go” is knowing that if you’re in a place in your Heart, you’re doing the right thing. Even, when you’re not doing the right thing. There’s no expiration date on your spiritual path.

When you “let go” with your Heart, the story of your life becomes less of a burden for you to write. It’s asking Love to be the author of your biography – you’re both contributing to the story, you’re just trusting Love to get it all out for you the way it needs to be.

And, like the tree just trying to be a tree, you don’t need to be anything you’re not. You really are only one thing, so just….

Be Love.








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  1. Replygreen-moonlight

    I think we all know what has happened is stays in the past and there is nothing we can do about it. However, we don't let things go easily because we either care for someone too much or think the whole thing has a significant impact on us. Whatever, life goes on. My past experience and currently what is going on in my life taught me that I may not let things go easily when I am still dwelling on it for whatever the reason I think it is, but I will eventually let it go as no one can physically lives in the past. I am upset of something right now and I am mad myself for not making the right decision and stick to it. However, I know it will all be ok someday when I am no longer at where I am now. For now, I will just let love and my heart guides me. I know what I want from my future and I am working on it. I can't control what I can't control; and I know what is the best for me. However, I just can't do what is the best for me now with all the logical reasons, because I am human being with my own feelings and emotions. However, everything will be fine, I know that as my past experience told me everything will be fine. I have read somewhere that "I know fruit is healthy and I know green veggies are good for me, but I just don't want them right now". No one has set up the problem for me, I have created it by myself. I will solve it. It is summer now, summer is a good season to be happy!!!!! Take care and be who you are! Enjoy every moment with your heart without regret. Be bright!

  2. Replyjames jaworsky

    It sounds like you are in a challenging place but are aware of who you are and what you can do. Even if for "right now", it is not what you wish for it to be. Wishing you much grace, peace and kindness. Be Love.

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