we’re not in Kansas anymore (we never were)….


“You are not given the people you want, you are given the people you need. To help you, to hurt you, to leave you, to Love you and to make you the person you were meant to be.”

The even more difficult part to come to terms with is that on some level, in some parallel, at some point, you decided it all for yourself. Your soul laid out the plan you’re on because it knew what you needed to help you along the path you’re meant to be on.

And, naturally, the inclination is to want to understand it all; why it’s happening, the reason that “bad” things happen to you, the reason that “good” things happen to you and what your path is.

But, I’ll tell you, you’ll waste the most of your precious time and energy trying to find the answers to those questions than you will by just being a part of it. By reminding yourself to have faith, to trust and to be Love.

Heck, if it makes it easier, I’ll answer the questions for you. In order as presented; because you chose it that way, because you need to learn something, because you need to learn something and Love.

There’s someone at work in your life that’s a lot greater, a lot bigger, a lot smarter, a lot everything more than you are here on Earth. It’s the YOU that doesn’t need this planet or this body to do what it does. It’s the YOU that you really are, but you have a hard time tapping into it because you need to remember to pick up milk on the way home from work. It’s the you that’s too busy vacuuming and complaining about your mother-in-law.

The YOU that’s really doing all the work, is the one that’s giving you countless opportunities to be Love. It’s the one that sends you everything you experience each and every day. It’s the one that wishes you would remember that there’s as much, if not more, to be learned from the “good” things that happen to us as there is from the “bad” things that happen to us. It’s just that, when it’s good stuff, we just say, “nice!” and go on our merry way. Stop. See the bigger picture.

If there’s ever anyone in this life that you can trust, it’s YOU. You’re one and the same. The difference is that you’re a little bit stuck here and YOU is trying to get you out. Do YOU have the power to simply pull yourself out of the stuck-ness? YOU do. But, you wouldn’t learn anything from that. The way you get out is to embrace everything in life; the happiness, the hardship, the heart break and the Love.

You can be as mad as you want at YOU for doing this all to you. But, you can also be happy that YOU is doing this all for you. In the most beautiful way, you have no one to blame but YOUrself for where you are. The moment you choose to change that blame into gratitude and faith, is the moment your life becomes YOURS.

Be Love.


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  1. Replygreen-moonlight

    I used to hate to say goodbye to people I love and hate meeting those who have hurt me and walked away. I still don't like saying goodbye, but I have realized they have all come to my life for a reason. Some of them have become very good friend of mine, and some of them have taught me a lesson about trust, and some of them have made me realized that not everyone is worth for my time and energy. I feel great appreciation of all of them, because each one of them has contributed of who I have decide what I want to be now. I agree with you that it is our own decision to feel whatever we want to feel: happy, sad, being loved or being betrayed. However, this doesn't give those people an excuse to intentionally hurting people. People who have chosen to hurt others at that moment don't have a heart or the ability of love. People who are hurt didn't lose anything as they have chosen to follow their heart with their love. I know all the theories and all the feelings, but that doesn't mean I would have forgiven all the people who have hurt me in the past. No one even your parents are obligated to be nice to you, and when someone comes to your life and is determined to care and love you, you can say no to them; i.e. it is completely fine to not accept the love and care we don't feel we want to, but it doesn't mean we can hurt those people, especially saying "I have never asked you to do this and you did it because you are a nice person". No, those who are nice and love you did all the nice things because they want to love you, whether you asked or not. When people who are saying that sentence just showed what a cold heart they have! They will eventually lose all the people who care and love them. Some people also have those excuses such as "it is the way I am whether you like it or not". Everyone, absolutely has the right to be who they are and no one should wear a mask to live their life. However, that doesn't mean you can just disrespect people or play favorites. I used to not like hearing one of my very good friend's comment "you should like everyone". I was like "why? as long as I like you, isn't that enough to you?". He said "no, that is because a real happy and loving person won't show their long & cold face to anyone. And in that person's eyes, yes the world is not perfect and sure no one is perfect, but I love my life and love where I am. So why should I give a cold and long face and shut myself down?". It took me a long time to finally get what he meant. I guess that is why they say "a healthy mind don't speak the illness of others". All right, everyday can be a fresh start of our lives as long as we want to. You are not alone and you will never be. Take care!!!!!! Be bright!

  2. Replyjames jaworsky

    Everyone has the ability for Love. We choose what we choose at any given moment. Forgiveness of others is not to set them free, but to set us free. It is to let go what doesn't grow us. Anyone is free to choose to disrespect others or play favourites. It is in the same regard that anyone is free to choose to forgive and Love.

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