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Where do you fill up?

Better yet; how are you filling up?

Ever just stop and feel where you are and what you’re doing? Ever take a second to really tune into what’s happening inside of you; where you are, who you’re with, what you’re doing?

I think we kinda zombie out a lot of the time. If we feel great, great! If we feel shitty, well, shitty. So what?

If you had the fortitude enough to carry a notebook and pen around with you and document how, everything you did, made you feel, think of the knowledge you’d gain. Think of the way you could position yourself with everything you did. Or, at least know what direction to head in. You’d have, on record, all your thoughts and feelings from every experience you were part of. That little book, right there in black and white staring at you, would be able to say, “don’t do this anymore. We wrote it down so you’d remember that this isn’t helpful.”

We do lots of things that don’t add to our fulfillment, and it’s different for everyone. What we all do share is the disregard to say, “hey, that doesn’t make me feel so great. I’ll stop. But, that does. I’ll do that.” And so, we get lost in it. We feel bummed out without even noticing it anymore. We watch the same television that numbs our minds, eat the same foods that weigh us down, interact with same people that do nothing to expand our being but rather contract it and those of the others’ around them, we wear the same clothes that make us feel crummy, we do the same uninspiring physical activities, and on and on I go.

We don’t pay attention to how we really feel and almost care less to because it becomes “normal”. It’s commonplace. And, commonplace is easy; it’s status quo. It’s getting you nowhere.

So, here’s the two-step program for this thing:

1 – start paying attention, and

2 – start saying “yes” to the right things and “no” to the not-so-right things.

Some things might take a bit more courage than others to say the “yes” or “no” to. But, when you experience the benefit of the little things you can do, like not eat three donuts in a single sitting, then you’ll be able to extrapolate that to being able to decline on getting together with that person that just complains about everything and everyone. There’s a difference between a friend that needs a shoulder and a person that wants an accomplice.

You don’t have to say “yes” to having the energy sucked from you.

Finding daily fulfillment is just about recognizing what it is that does it for you each and every day. Creating a fulfilling life is saying “yes” to those things over and over again. It’s saying “yes” to filling your Heart and your being with the people, places and things that grow you. And also, saying “yes” to being able to say “no” to the people, places and things that stifle you.

Can’t forget, either, it’s also about a resounding “YES” to….

Be Love.









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  1. Replygreen-moonlight

    Not all the questions and problems can be answered by yes or no. If that is the case, then I think my problem will be easier to be solved. I don't think of yes or no to any question but rather "is this what I want"? I say yes and no for so many questions that I don't even think about. I give those answers simply because either they are the right answers or that is what people want to hear from me. By saying that it doesn't mean I just blindly say yes and no. It seems we all have no issue of saying yes but not easy to say no. I have learned to say no. I also feel that there is no permanent yes or no. I mean I may not want this at this moment in my life, but I may change my mind later. We don't have to keep on tracking of the yes and no we said each day, but just say yes and no from your heart. If this is what you want, say yes and otherwise say no. Life is too short to worry about some outcomes or consequences. I lately just said yes to something that makes me feel so good and motivated. Be bright and be happy!

  2. Replyjames jaworsky

    It is not to say "blindly", yes or no. It is to know to what we should say yes and to what we should say no. Now, it may be yes. Later, it may be no. Love for oneself is know which answer is the answer that is needed.

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