the number one reason to be Love


Contrary to reasonable assumption, I don’t spend a whole tonne of time on the internet.

Every now and again, however, when I’m putski-ing around, I happen to come across a particular something that I can’t help but notice and get a bit drawn in by. It’s not necessarily anything I take exception to, but it’s certainly something that I can’t help but form an opinion on.  This ‘particular something’ I’m referring to are lists. I’m serious; lists.

These lists I’m so enamored by are those published by regarded thought leaders on reputable websites, with poignant titles such as, ‘9 things highly successful people say’, or ‘are you going to be rich? Answer these questions’, or ‘over 40? Major interview mistakes you could be making’ .

The reason these lists are making the Sunday night cut is not because they’re about Love, but exactly because they’re NOT. And, to me, if you want success, you have to have the aforementioned ‘L’ word involved. Success, not from just a spiritual and altruistic vantage point, but from all points; financially, professionally, personally, you name it.

If you lead with Love, the rest will follow.

When I read these lists and advice columns, I can somewhat feel that they’re trying to capture some element of a greater sense of being; some direction to tap into the greater ‘you’. It’s not just all about the big paycheque and the corner office. At the same time, they’re still pretty distant from what I would consider constructive to the evolution of who I’m really meant to be. Case in point:

“I should just be quiet”, and

“I’ll show you”.

Two exact quotes from a list, the former guiding that, “truly confident people don’t feel the need to talk”, whereas the latter speaks to motivation through proving someone wrong. Is there anything off point with any of that advice? Probably not. But, I guess it matters what you’re going for. What I’m getting at, is that none of these columns I’ve come across, most reaching a scarily large audience whether it be, LinkedIn or, ever speak to letting your Heart be the boss.

So, why don’t any of those lists tell you about Love? Very simply, because we don’t think there’s any room for Love in success. We don’t think you can take Love to work with you. It’s really just as simple as that. 9 times out of 10, the keys to success are working harder than the next guy, taking no prisoners and being a little bit ruthless.  There’s never anything about letting someone else go first, or compassion, or calling a meeting just to see if everyone is doing okay and if they could use any help. If life is about getting out what you put in, then I just can’t see why you wouldn’t want to put your Heart into whatever it is that you’re doing, work or otherwise.

Maybe one day, theheartmovement will put together its own list. In the interim, I’m just going to hijack the aforementioned two points with our own Loving spin.

I should just be quiet and let my Heart do the talking”, and

“I’ll show you Love”.

Be Love



PS the number one reason to be Love, is just that. Love. 🙂

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  1. Replygreen-moonlight

    The simply reason why some rich people are not happy is because rich in money doesn't simply equal to rich in love. I know such a person who is rich in money but can't control his temper and can't help hurting people who love him. He is so paranoid that everyone around him, including his families are just for his money. This is because deep down in his heart, he is poor in love. Happiness and love are not something money can buy. My list of to be loved are different from time to time. Now I have the following items on my list "1. I want to spend quality time with my parents. 2. I wish my presence and my influence will melt down that person's ice-mountain. 3. I wish that person to be happy. 4. I wish that person smile from that person's heart each day! 5. I wish I can help as many as I can because I am so lucky to have so many beautiful things since I was born (to be honest, I can't imagine what my life will be like if I was not born in that family, I mean I may not get the same degree of love, education etc.)". All right, that is how many I can think of right now. Be happy, nerd!

  2. Replyjames jaworsky

    No, money and material items do not equate to happiness and Love. Those things can help remove stress and fear of failure, but they are not the root of what our Heart needs. So, I ask you, what are you doing to fulfill your list? Be Love.

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