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Which team would you pick?

It’s not a trick question.

At the risk of sounding tyrannical, you’re either one of two types of people. Either, you’re thinking about how to be Love, or you’re not thinking about how to be Love. But, all is not lost! The reality is that sometimes you’re one and sometimes you’re the other. There’s hope!

Whether you’ve got Love on the brains or not, we’re always searching for a voice. Every emotion, every thought, every response; we’re translating into a voice. Our voice. Of, who we think we should be, who we want to be and who we think others want us to be. Why we get ‘stuck’ or ‘confused’ is because we think it’s our voice we’re trying to find – the one that’s individual to us, that makes us different from the next person. And hey, are we all different? Of course. I like peanut butter and jam with my Greek yogurt and someone else likes ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’. Different. It’s what makes us beautiful.

But, the voice, the true voice we’re all trying to find (some more than others); it’s not different. We’ve all got that same voice inside of us. The reason you, actually, don’t have to pick which team you want to be on, is because there’s only one (guess it was a trick question). And, the captain chose you long before you even knew the team was there.

Whether you feel like you want to hug someone, hurt someone, laugh, cry, smile, frown; it’s the same voice. It’s all reminder. Everything we experience is a reminder of Love – and which direction we’re moving in.

The choice we can make is the one in which we decide what direction to go with. It’s the choice we make to not only hug a friend hello, but hug that friend goodbye. And, maybe see how many other folks we can hug that day. Or, maybe it’s to just show compassion wherever we can? Conversely, we also can make the choice to build resentment inside and think about how we’ve been hurt and turned against. How Love isn’t there for us. How Love has abandoned us when we needed it most. But, I promise, Love never abandons us. It’s in those circumstances where we abandon it.

Love’s voice is always inside of us. In the moment of that hug, Love is talking to us. It’s telling us we need more of this. It’s telling us we need to give more of this. When things are in the shit, Love is reminding us that it’s there for us. It’s trying to get our attention so that we can lean on it. So, that we can get back in the direction of it.

Think of it this way; when you’re moving in the direction of Love, nothing “bad” can befall you. When you experience that which is perceived as “bad”, is because you’re out of sync with Love. And, if you choose, Love will be there to kick you in the pants to get you back on track.

None of what happens for us in our lives is Love’s fault. It will always be there to celebrate with us and pick up the pieces for us. We get to choose all of it. We get to choose when, how and if we want to….

Be Love.



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  1. Replygreen-moonlight

    Love is not just about sunshine, flowers, and gifts. It also involves tears, frustrations and stresses. Why? My explanation is because we love. I always tell my friends that the more I like you, the meaner I will be. This is not to say that I want to be mean to you, but I try to tell my friends that I will show my true color to you; i.e. the beautiful side of me and the not so beautiful side too. We all have many aspects, which can be viewed as good or bad. I hide my frustration and stress in front of strangers and people I don't care. But I share those feelings to the one I care and love as I don't want to hide my true side to my beloved ones. To me, love is to spend my quality time to the ones I love, it can be as simple as a text message or just a hi each morning. I don't waste a single second to those I don't care, thus whenever those people try to hurt me or provoke me, I try my best to ignore them as they are not worth my time. I yell and show my frustration to those I love is because this is part of our relationship and after this we will still be on the same page. I don't do these things to those I don't care as we are never on the same page. However, each time I show my frustration or ask some silly question, I worry I may lose someone who is important to me. I will try to worry less :) All right, take care nerd :) Be love and be bright!

  2. Replyjames jaworsky

    I agree that a true relationship means showing all sides of who we are. To be Love is to be accepting of every part of who you are, inside and out. Also, to whomever you have that relationship with. Love shows us to be accepting of who they are inside and out. But, as we move into a place of Love, of true Love with ourselves, tears, frustrations and stresses will not be required. The space they occupy will be filled with Love. And so, when that space is not filled with Love, do we ask ourselves why or do we just say, "I am angry, this is who I am. Accept it or forget you."? As open as we can and should be in those true relationships with others, we too, need to be open with the relationship we have with our self and see our tears and our frustrations and our stresses. We need to ask how Love can take their place. Be Love!

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