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A couple of days ago, I’m on the ol’ Youtube.

A place I rarely put any very scarcely available time into. As I’m hanging ten with the zillions of videos on that site, on this particular day, the “here’s some other videos you might like” spot has a screenshot that really catches my eye. It catches my eye because it’s, basically, a glow in the dark dance troupe – easily discernible from the picture. I click, I watch and it’s awesome. The amount of creativity, talent and undoubted passion has me staring at the screen, just thinking, “wow, people can be amazing”. ‘Play again’? Yes.

Open scene, 12 hours later, my sofa. I’m lazing it out, flipping channels on a Saturday, when I come across a snowboarding documentary. Remote down. It’s about Peace Park, an annual, snowboard terrain course that’s redesigned in a new location every year. The culprits responsible? A bunch of really passionate, really driven, really gifted snowboarders – with some pretty serious corporate sponsorship backing, of course.

As I watched the documentary, I had that same amazement in my eyes not 12 hours ago in front of the computer. The thought process behind the architecture, the labour put into the construction and finally, the way the riders took on the park; twisting, flying and thinking up new tricks as they went – was nothing short of amazing.

When I thought about it, reflecting, it’s not as though I hadn’t seen stuff like this before. Maybe the difference was how I was looking at it – with sheer amazement. I was amazed with what these folks could do by simply deciding they were going to put their mind to it.

Could I do it? In theory, sure. We can do anything. I mean, I wasn’t doing it. But really, none of those people are any different than you and me other than the fact that they were doing what they were doing with utter dedication and conviction. Getting up when they fell down. Back at it, getting better, being better.

Ergo, it made think of another guy that did same thing, but in the name of Love. He went against the grain, wasn’t afraid to speak his Heart, lifted himself up when he got knocked down, and ultimately, died for what he believed in.

And, just like the crazy glow-in-the-dark dancers and the aerial-batic snowboarders, he wasn’t any different than you and I. He just made a choice to be Love.

I don’t get frustrated with certain opinions of this fellow and criticisms toward what he stood for, I get a bit frustrated when the opinions are that of impossibility. Impossibility because “he is who he is and I’m just me”. False. There is no difference. We’ve all entered this world the same way and we’re all going to leave it the same way. The only difference was the dedication and conviction he had towards understanding that Love is all there is. It was the understanding that he could Love his mother the same way he could Love a common criminal or prostitute or just a plain old stranger.

He doesn’t have any powers that you and I don’t. Sure there’s a bunch of stories of this, that and the other. But, the truth is; me, you, him, all part of the same grand design of Love.

I watched a snowboarder take a big fall on his first go at the park. Did he ditch his gear and say, “f this”? No. Shook it off, back to the top, away we go again. That’s why he was there, to conquer that park. When someone chooses to slight us, when they’re an unfamiliar obstacle we’ve never attempted before, why do we allow it to intimidate us or make us angry or take away our Love? Because we make the choice to let it. Because we forget the reason why we’re here.

Today is about a bunch of stuff that is just kinda whatever; a bunny and some eggs, rising from the dead, chocolate, Safeway being closed. None of it really matters.

What does matter, is Love. And, every day is about that.

Be Love.






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  1. Replygreen-moonlight

    Many years ago, I had a conversation with a couple friends. One of them said, "we can't change where we are from, whom our parents are and our background.... But we can change our future by working hard to get what we want". Thus, in my opinion, there is a difference in our past, but we are the same in front of opportunities and making choices. The different choices that we make have made us different. Difference is not a bad thing at all, it actually quite great as because of the difference, our world is a beautiful. You don't want to see people in your life like looking at a mirror. Being bumped or falling down do feel bad, and you feel you can never stand up again. However, the truth is no matter how bad it was before, we can always later in our life "talking about it with a big smile". Holidays like Easter is not just a holiday but a chance or an excuse to see your families. You will never realize how important they mean to you until you don't see them for a long time. The store can close and the people I love can push me away, the only thing matters if my heart is still open and beat positively. Happy holidays, be love and be bright!

  2. Replyjames jaworsky

    Yes, we can change where we are going, but we can also embrace where we are from. We can see the silver lining in everything that has happened for us in our lives; from where we grew up, our parents, the school we went to, the broken hearts we've had - it's all to make you who you are. We all have beauty, we are all amazing. We don't have to dance in the dark or do somersaults in the air. You can feel the beauty and Love simply by asking yourself to see the beauty and Love. You create your reality. :)

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