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This past Friday I was unexpectedly invited to attend something I had no idea about nor had ever attended anything the like of before. So, I said yes. But, before you start applauding my spontaneity, I’ll admit, it was pretty easy to go with it. The invite sounded pretty non-threatening, I was in great company and nowhere was it mentioned that I’d have to walk across burning coals or give tax advice. I was in.

Good decision by me. 🙂

What I attended was a “winter solstice celebration” at a neighborhood church. I’d never been there before, so I can’t speak to what they usually preach about, but last Friday, the governing religion was Love.

Amongst the dozen or so shares, there was a man that told an ancient Buddhist parable, a woman sang Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”, a Jewish fellow took the podium and spoke about Hanukkah, two East Indian women performed a traditional song and accompanying dance, crystal bowls and drums were played for everyone to discover their own meditation to, and finally, we were bid farewell by being wished a Merry Christmas and a figgy pudding.

As I climbed into my truck after the service, I didn’t have much choice but to feel pretty great. It was really a beautiful evening. Within the span of a brief two hours, there were more denominations and ideas represented there than I can remember. And, they were all heard by everyone who chose to attend, chose to accept and chose to Love.

From all corners of the Earth, Love was being offered and Love was being received. Under one simple roof. In an Anglican church.

Love makes the world go ‘round

Maybe I’m behind the curve, but Friday night taught me that this is true; there’s no other way about it. It taught me that it’s possible and it’s happening. And, by more people than I thought, with open minds and open Hearts.

It’s certainly better than never at all, but we don’t have to wait for the winter solstice or Christmas or Valentine’s Day to choose and show Love. Sure, it helps to have the constant reminder ever-present in front of us but, the real reminder is in your Heart. Love is available for us to give all year long; acceptance is accessible January to December; and, compassion never takes a day off.

When your decorations finally come down for the season, don’t let your Love go with it. Deep down, we all just want an opportunity to share our Love and to accept Love without reservation, judgement or expectation. Every person that took the stage and opened their Heart on Friday was met with an open Heart; an open Heart by choice. And, that’s even having to buy tickets to attend to the service. Love is always free, though. 😉

It’s easy to lose sight, but it’s also easy to get it back. You’re not here to drive a fancy car or be famous or have more stuff than someone else. You’re here to make the world go ‘round with Love. And, if as a product of being Love, you drive a fancy car or become famous or have tonnes of stuff, well, even better for you. Just don’t forget that none of those things is a representation of who you really are, Love.

Wishing everyone a beautiful Christmas and more Love than you know what to do with.

be Love.










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  1. Replygreen-moonlight

    Yes it is love that connect all of us. I don't have a door in my heart, but I do have built a wall inside of it to protect myself. I don't mind sharing my love, my thought, my experience etc. However, I am worried by sharing too much it may make me weaker. This is because following my heart is following my emotion. I don't like be driven by emotion and sensitivity. Rather, I want to listen to my brain and my mind in order to be logical and rational. It is a beautiful world, no doubt in that. However there are still potential hurt come to us and we need to learn how to be strong and independent. By saying this, I don't mean to be negative. I only like sharing positive thought and experience, but not those negative ones. I mean I don't think it is necessary to open my scar to show to people. Everyone has a basket full with sad stories & experience. I just chose to be strong. Although I probably have shared many sad stories in my past to someone, and I will try not to in the future. I don't be someone even a knife is stubbed in my heart, I will still be able to smile nicely. In conclusion, I think I mean I want to be positive rather than negative, be strong rather than be sensitive, and smile rather cry. Quoting from a friend "there is never 'the end of the world situation'". Sorry these have nothing to your post. Let me back to your post. Holiday is a day we celebrate love and our day to day life is to share our love. There are many ways to share our love, by checking on our colleagues who seem to have a rough day; by giving them a cough candy when they are catching a cold; by offering help.... etc. I didn't realize how important those sharing are until I have lost some of the opportunities. That is why I sometimes telling friends that there are so many words I haven't got a chance to tell someone and there are so many memories that I haven't made yet. However that is fine, because the ending of that story is a happy ending. I left my best smile and laughing to them, and those smile and laughing are the best love I can give to them, so there is no better ending than that one. Memories are not tangible, but help me going through the tough time. I have saved so many good memories and they are priceless that money can't buy. It is not I have chosen certain place or certain people, but rather I have chosen love and it just happened to be that place and that group of people. Lastly if I have got a chance to see them, I want to say "it is my great honor to ever met you guys and I have had one of my best time in my life with no regret" with my typical big smile. Be love, be bright, be happy and sleep tight!

  2. Replygreen-moonlight

    Just realized that there was a typo in my previous comment, what I meant to say is "I want to be someone even if there is a knife stabbing in heart, I will still be able to smile gently". I just want to be strong enough that whatever will happen to me, I will be able to solve and stand up by myself. Be bright and be happy! Sleep tight. Your world is full with colors!

  3. Replyjames jaworsky

    I really stand by a person's willingness to be vulnerable; to knock down the wall we all have created in some way in our Heart. Your Heart cannot make you weaker. It is your mind's belief of that idea that makes it so. We typically see our experiences as "positive" and "negative". It's difficult not to do so. But, instead, maybe we need to see our experiences as learning opportunities. It's okay to share something "negative" but share it positively. Share it with an attitude that you overcame this difficulty, or you learned something you did not know before. We can speak about our negative experiences but we don't have to be negative about it. We've all experienced the good and the bad, yet we are still here with the ability to choose Love each and every day. Be happy. Be sad. Smile. Cry. Love. Don't love. Be everything that is You. Your thoughts and feelings always tell me that you live with your Heart. That is what makes you truly strong. Feeling all those emotions and speaking your feelings and helping others, and all the many other things you share, that is from your Heart. You are choosing to be strong with these feelings and actions, not weak. I see that from here. :) Be bright and be Love. Enjoy the beautiful snow!

  4. ReplyGarance

    Bonjour, Je me suis permise de copier votre photo, m'autorisez vous à la publier sur mon blog ? Merci

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