what does Mr. Miyagi have to do with Love?

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Are you the student or the teacher?

The majority of us, for the most part, probably think that our propensity and capacity for Love is pretty static. Kinda like, we have ‘x’ amount of room for Love, we can give ‘x’ amount of Love and we know what we know about Love. Realistically, we probably don’t really ever think of it at all. It just, “is what it is”….well, it’s not. 🙂

Love is school.

The great thing about this school is that you don’t always have to really try that hard; or be paying attention; or studying or doing tonnes of homework. In fact, you don’t always even have to go. Just being in the building is an amazing start. Actually attending class is even better. And, if you decide to get involved in extracurricular activities, you’ll be well on your way to the top of the class.

All this school requires is your enrollment and for you to walk through the doors. For most of us, though, we have yet to find the entrance. And, that’s okay. It’s not hard to find. Simply choosing to become a student will get you in. And, once you’re in, Love will be as big a part of your life as you want it to be.

You might feel a little lost at first; like you’re wandering the halls not knowing where to start. But, Love doesn’t need a map. It’s inside of you. Consciously allowing it into your life will immediately increase your Love Quotient. Your learning will begin before you realize. And, there’s definitely no shortage of lessons being taught; some of them very obvious and others, not so much. Some of them as easy as 101; others, made for the advanced class. Staying the course, regardless of the progress you believe you’re making (or not making) is what will get you on the honour roll.

To make it even easier, there are no grades in this school. You don’t even have to always be aware of what you’re learning or see the lesson, either. Everyone here is passing. There is no failure. By trusting in Love, you’ve ensured that you’ll successfully complete your curriculum on your own pace and at your own level. And, before you know it Danielsan, what you’ve learned throughout the way will become so apparent. You’ll acknowledge, instinctively, how all you are is Love. You’ll be able to see it, apply it and live it. You won’t only be a student, but you’ll also be the teacher. You’ll never stop being either.

If this all seems a little too simple, it’s because it is. The moment you choose Love to be your teacher is the moment you choose to evolve; to move forward. To become your true self. And, there’s no rush. When you’re ready, you’ll be ready. This school never closes and has enough spots for everyone.

be Love.


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  1. Replygreen-moonlight

    The school of love is the people around us. Since we were born, we learned love from our mothers as they made us feel safe; we went to school and feel loved by our teachers and friends; when we were in a rough time, we feel loved by being helped by others. Our families, friends and strangers taught us love and we loved them back the way they have loved us. Love is in the morning when we get off the bus, we say thank you to the bus driver; love is the smile your colleagues give to you each morning; and love is when we get a call from our families asking how we are doing..... etc. Love is not a form of anything, but a feeling that only you know it makes you feel warm and loved. Stay in love!

  2. Replyjames jaworsky

    Love is in everything. If we choose for it to be, Love is everywhere. :)

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