you are everything. let yourself loose!


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  1. Replygreen-moonlight

    IT is very common that lots of people are afraid of losing what they are possessing at present, power, money, and attetion etc. Those things are important and maybe that is why so many people are chasing after them. But no matter how much we own in terms of money, power and or attention. We are going to lose them before we leave this life. Thus, instead of worrying about losing them, we should just enjoy life and do what makes us happy.

  2. Replyjames jaworsky

    Everything is temporary, everything will be lost. But, you are right; we need to enjoy what we have. It's not to say because we leave this life that we should be reckless and not care and do as we wish, but it is to say that that we should appreciate what we have. Enjoy life, as you said, and do what makes us happy. When we're true to ourselves, in our heart, it will want to do beautiful things because those are truly the things that make us happy. Thank you for your comments. :)

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