don’t be allergic to these Peanuts


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  1. Replygreen-moonlight

    I don't have time to worrying about whether you love me or calculating how much you love me; because I am too busy loving you. Although people always talk about balance of giving and receiving in love. However, to me love is love, either 0 love or 100% love. In my definition of love, there is no giving or receiving, no gain or loss; the only thing I care about whether the one I love is happy or not. Real and pure love is not about us, it is about the one we love, which is unconditional. I know some people think I am wrong, but I don't care as I am too busy to give my love to those I care (although my way love to them sometime may annoy them). Each one of us is different and we have our own definition & understanding of love, and so which leads to each one of us has our own way of giving of love. Sometimes our beloved ones may not get it and may even feel annoying and want us to disappear. However never stop loving those important to us. I can leave them alone, but I will never disappear. :) Take care and be bright!

    • Replyjames jaworsky

      The Love we know how to share, will be true to us. We all have different ways of physically showing our Love. But, within us, in it's purest form, Love is the same for all of us. It is the ability to forgive, to show compassion, to remove expectation and to keep Loving no matter what. Whether Love comes in the form of a hug or a shoulder to lean on, a teddy bear or being "annoying" as you put it; when it is truly found in your Heart, it will find the other Heart. Be Love.

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