how to use Love to get rich



….with happiness!

(had to rope you in somehow)

Statistical analysis has actually proven that, contrary to popular belief, material items will leave you empty and continually searching to fill that void. Whereas, Love is the most cost effective path to happiness.

Unofficial summary of data gathering:

Your rolled up hipster jeans will go out of style; hugs never will.

Unlimited talk and text plan – $56.50 per month; looking someone in the eye and telling them how much they mean to you – no charge, every time.

Your overpriced BMW will break down; opening your Heart to a meaningful and touching moment will make you break down.

$500k can buy you a beautiful house; but, home is really where the Heart is.

An expensive watch will tell you what time it is; it’s always time for Love.

The gym membership you never use costs about $700 per year; exercising your ability for compassion will make you stronger than a million squats.

It’s pretty nice sitting in the corner office with the big paycheck; without Love, life will be pretty empty at the top.

Who knows what you spent on those Cartier sunglasses?; watching a beautiful sunset costs nothing.

A 4-carat diamond will reflect and refract the light around you; devoting yourself to living a life of Love will enlighten you.

You owe it to yourself to have a life of Love and happiness.

PS I have nothing against hipsters and their rolled up pants.

be Love.


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  1. Replygreen-moonlight

    The happiness purchased with money can only last for a short while, just like flying in the first class on the plane and once you arrive your destination, the happiness will be gone. That is why people say money can buy you a house but not a home; it can buy you sex but not love; it can buy you attention but not friendship. The happiness that bought with money is what someone try to convince themselves or others of how happy they are, but love can give you the happiness that only you know it is for real. 10 years ago, I also thought money was very very important, until somone important in my life passed away. Then I suddenly wonder if money is that really important to me? The answer is obviously No. Because there are certainly things that money can't buy. Money can't bring back the person who has passed away in my life, but the love stays. Life is too short and no reason to waste on chasing after money, and some day before I leave this world, I wish I will be surrounded by love. Quoting from a friend "I am Not rich in money, but I am rich in love". Yes, be love!

  2. Replypderrick

    Well said Jimmy. Most of us are trying in vain to fill the emptiness in our hearts with material goods. The false sense of fulfilment these objects bring is merely temporary. Love is eternal and the only way to permanently fill that void. People who are at the top of the financial food chain aren't happy. Their excessive pride in their personal appearance are a cover up for their intense insecurities. They flaunt their wealth in attempt to garner attention. Like Green Moonlight pointed out, that attention is meaningless. We are born into this world penniless and we leave this world penniless. Love is all we really have and all that truly matters.

  3. Replyjames jaworsky

    Thank you both for your thoughts and comments. It's always great to hear your inspiration!

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