mothers day


10 years ago, if you’d told me I’d be one of those guys that would call his mom twice a week to check in, buy her flowers “just because” and stop in with only the intention to say hello, I woulda said, “not a chance”.

But, that’s also when I lived at home and, more importantly, with a pretty entitled chip on my shoulder. The things my mom did for me, the bullshit I put her through, to me, was all part of the program. That’s what moms did for their kids, right?

Fast forward to only a handful of years ago and a completely enlightening realization on my behalf (better late than never), and my opinion couldn’t be more different. My mom is nothing short of pretty amazing. She does anything she can for me and asks, quite literally, for nothing in return. Her legal obligation toward me ended a lot of years ago on my eighteenth birthday, yet she continues to draw from an infinite source of caring and generosity far beyond any duty or expectation.

She truly is a reflection of unconditional Love.

I’ve been a jerk and smart-ass; a brat and a baby. Yet, it’s as though she has the shortest memory as is humanly possible. (I’ve had a good share of rather shining son moments, too. Just for the record). She, unequivocally, will do anything that is within her power to help me. And, as I accumulate years of life under my belt, I see more and more that this is a very special thing and has absolutely nothing to do with obligation or entitlement. When I got assigned a mom, I got a real good one.

For me, amidst all the lessons my mom has taught me over the course of my existence, the most powerful is that of her unconditional Love; her living example of what our Hearts can do when we act from a source of Love. Granted, many people will say that it’s because she’s my mom and sure, maybe there’s a bit of argument there. But, I assure you, the Love she shows me is solely to do with the person she is, not some agreement she signed. And, it’s something that we can all be. It’s something we can all use as inspiration.

If any of this resonates with you, I’d like to put you to a little task. It’s definitely okay to buy your mom flowers or a card, or take her to brunch or make her dinner on her special day. But, take 30 seconds to extend a gesture that costs absolutely nothing and carries more value to her than anything you could ever buy. Tell your mom how much you appreciate her and that because of her, every day in your life is a special day. Tell her you Love her and hug with all your Heart.

Now, if only my ma was internet savvy and could read this. I’d definitely score some brownie points and make a bid to overtake my brother for no.1 son.

Happy Mother’s Day!

be Love.


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  1. Replygreen-moonlight

    Now I can see why you are such a positive and loving person because you have the positive influence from your mom! Lucky you! Yes, the love from a mother should be unconditional. But there is a kind of mothers and they do love their children, no doubt in that. However, the love is in a wrong way, given the love is over-loaded, I mean the love becomes so controlling and manipulative. It actually will go to the opposite and the child may run far and fast. Sorry it is Mother's day and we should also say "Happy Mother's Day".

  2. Replyjames jaworsky

    Love from those who care about us deeply can be very oppressing, at times. Often, the underlying cause of the "love" we experience in these situations is because that person is seeking to fill a void or lack of their true self within themselves. It takes the form of an external pressure on whoever is within reach. Reassure yourself that this person means nothing but good intention towards you. However, they may not exactly convey it in a way that is most desirable by you. Even when it seems like someone is trying to hinder our growth or happiness, they are just trying to meet their needs in their own way. Unfortunately, this can definitely be destructive. Don't condemn this person, try to understand them. Try to empathize and show a compassionate Heart. If this proves to be an unavailable option or just something you can't do, siliently bless them and remember that any anguish you are enduring because of it is within your power to choose and, ultimately, only temporary. be Love

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