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This one is easy.

Over the last couple of weeks, my days have been experiencing a lot more warmth and sunshine. How?


I’ve been fortunate enough to have been blessed with a nearly daily opportunity to give and receive hugs. And, to be really honest, it’s pretty much been the highlight of my day. I’m having tonnes of fun with it.

So, to each of you out there, that’s my challenge; how many hugs can you get and give in a day? I mean, real hugs. Not those half-assed, bs hugs where you kind of put your arm around the person and brush shoulders. I mean, embrace someone. Put your arms around them and let them put their arms around you. Let them support you and you, in turn, support them. Let go of the stiffness in your body and melt into the other person; feel them. It doesn’t matter who; your wife, your husband, your kids, the mailman. Make a real connection with that person for those brief moments.

It’s those brief moments that have been carrying my day.

be Love.


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  1. ReplyNanny

    I got a couple of hugs today. From a special person who is trying to mend my broken heart. She hugged me, supported me, listened to me and this made my heart feel good, for the moment anyway. I have to work on my Heart. Just wanted to share my thoughts.

    • Replyjames jaworsky

      Thank you very very much for sharing your thoughts and feelings. I hope you can continue to feel better each moment of each day. Give as much as you can to your Heart and don't have any expectations of yourself. You're doing the best you can and that's more than enough. We all are have to work on our Hearts and I think it's wonderful that you feel this way for yourself. :) Be well and be Love!

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