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Being Love won’t come overnight. It’s a journey; it’s a process; it’s a practice; it’s whatever you want to call it. But, it’s not a quick fix.

To accept that the Love you experience is entirely your responsibility, can be an overwhelming realization. Like the sun, we are the source that radiates our Love to everyone and everything, including onto ourselves.

We’ve been conditioned to believe that Love is a search – the search for our soulmate, our career, our dream house; all things we aspire to “love”. But, the real truth is that your search ends where it begins; with you. To think, “whoa, it all depends on me?” is a lot to take in all at once. But, it’s no different than any of those other things you’ve aspired to accomplish and attain. It’s on you to do it.

And, it takes work!

Nothing magically shows up the day after you think, “hey, I want that”. You have to put in the work. You have to take the bumps and the bruises. You celebrate the successes and mourn the failures. Love is exactly the same. It takes work and practice and patience.

Everyone and everything in your life is an opportunity for Love. It’s an opportunity to call upon your Heart to respond to whatever the situation. Just ask it to help you. We are 100% responsible for the reaction we have towards other people, including ourselves. Use the greatest tool you have, your Heart.

This way of thinking takes a softness that most of us are not accustomed to when responding to the challenges we experience every day.

It takes a softness to genuinely wish happiness for someone that does nothing but make your life a living hell. If you can truly open your Heart to them finding their own happiness, you support them moving forward and away from the pain they bring you.

It takes a softness to genuinely express compassion toward your co-worker or your boss that is externalizing the stress they are feeling onto you.

It takes a softness to genuinely understand that anyone that has ever taken from you or wronged you has only done so because they seemingly had a lack of something in their own life which they felt could only be filled by the action they took against you.

It takes a softness to genuinely forgive yourself, accept and Love you for being exactly who you are and not who you are convinced to think you should be.

In every instance, the decision to allow Love to guide you is entirely your responsibility. It’s within your power to own your Love and share it; not only with your external relationships but with the internal relationship you have with yourself.

Love does not offer any rewards, it is the reward. And, in fact, the reward is instant. There’s no waiting to experience the beautiful feeling of Love. It’s immediate and it’s perpetual. The more Love you have to give, the more Love you’ll get. It’s all a matter of how we choose to respond to life. Some of the truest advice we’ve all received at one point in our lives was to not let the tribulations, setbacks and criticisms get us down. My personal adaptation of that advice – don’t allow life’s dark clouds to overshadow your Love. Regardless of the weather outside, the sun is always shining over top.

be Love.  


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