does free will cost too much?

The debate of free will is contentious, at best. The complex simplicity of it being, “is it or isn’t it free?”. Both, arguable vociferously and validly. On one side, if free will does not exist, what’s the purpose of life as a sentient being? On the other, if free will does exist, then so must the theory of cause and effect be discarded?

We find confidence in what we can define clearly and conclusively. The answer to, “is it or isn’t it?”, is anything but. Like science versus spirituality, we want just one and not the other. One may not explain everything exactly, but at least we force ourselves to accept the one. We limit our options so as to feel safer, more in control. The better question is, “when did science and spirituality become exclusive of each other?” And so, with free will, why do we only ask, “is it or isn’t it?”

Science and spirituality are not against each other, they are with each other. Free will both, is and it isn’t. There are no absolutes here but rather undefinable parameters that stretch as far as a consciousness is willing to stretch them. Absolutes limit potential.

Free will is a power that we both possess and are guided by. Our lives are constant experiences, challenges and situations that we navigate through. It is our path. Rather, a defined genesis and terminus orchestrated by whatever or whomever the architect was. The path between those two points is vastly variable. And, consequently, uncertain.

Free will does come at a cost. It’s the cost of suffering, pain, hardship and brokenness. But, like any scientific law, equilibrium is maintained. The spirit of Universe assures us of it. We make choices, and choices are made for us, that that bring great hurt to us. And, while there is learning buried in the hurt, it can sometimes be fair to say that the cost is too steep. But, the spiritual balance of the Universe serves that for whatever hurt there is, Love exists to silence it.

When we suffer, the last choice we would believe to possess in our strength and power to exercise is, understandably, Love. But, it would be the choice of greatest salvation. The cost of pain enables the undefined potential for the creation of Love. That is free will. We are guided into the strength of our free will by the cause and effect of our lives, our experiences and our path.

We don’t need to figure everything out first. Love just needs a sliver of space to shine into. Our demons find us so that we can find how to live above them. So that we can choose to live above them. It’s probably true that free will isn’t free; there is a price to pay for it. Choosing Love at all costs is the only way. Although, infinitely more expressive, it’s a simple equation. What can counteract the worst hurt you’ve ever felt? The most Love you’ve ever let in. Choose.

Be Love.

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