Love or Love? you pick.

It’s astounding how much of a choice Love really is.

Some people may be entirely inclined to argue that ‘you Love who you Love’ and others may read that to be an entirely obvious statement. Both are actually true. And, still so much of a choice, no matter which one is the belief.

‘You Love who you Love’. To fight this is futile. If there’s anything I know it’s that I don’t stand a chance against Love. There’s a reason why more books are written, songs are sung, movies are made and stories are told about Love than anything else. Because it’s the most powerful force we will ever experience. Our reason for being here is Love. To allow the force of it to overtake us. To allow the power of it to weaken us. Not to command us, but to strengthen us. Not to take from us, but to give to us. To show us the vulnerability, compassion and connection we seek. And, I know, when the Heart Loves, it just does. It doesn’t need to explain why or understand or make reason of it. There is no dispute or debate. It is the Heart which says, “that is it. I am here”.

And, within Love, we always find choice. We find the choice that is not surrendered when we allow our Heart to speak loudest, but when our mind and our ego finds its voice. It is the voice that allows fear to creep in. It is the voice that lets pride influence. It is the voice that gives space to the false notion of self-preservation, of selfishness and of sabotage.

We choose how aware we want to be, how kind, how considerate, how patient and how understanding. Those are all choices that are of our own volition. From the smallest gesture to the most grandiose; toward an unknown stranger or the most familiar of faces; the Love we show is always a choice. The Love we receive is always a choice.

There is responsibility and accountability that comes with Love. How could there not be? We’ve been given the reigns to wield the most powerful force in the Universe; it seems as though it should inherently require consideration, care and culpability. Love, literally, has the ability to change life. Yet, the attention it deserves often seems to be reactive rather than proactive; casual rather than causal. We can be very intentional with Love; both the Love our Heart chooses for us and the Love we decide we’re going to shine by way of our thoughts, words and actions. There is so much about Love that happens in the moment, but there is also so much about Love that happens out of the moment.

Love chooses us in the moment and we choose Love out of the moment.

“To be Loved like you’ve never been Loved, you must Love like you’ve never been Loved”

Be Love.

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