For: Ever From: Love

We usher out yet another year and find ourselves on the doorstep of the next.

I took a trip back into history to read the final post of 2017. For all intents and purposes, this year’s post could have been a simple copy and paste of last’s. All still was relevant; all still applied.

But, what drew my attention further was the reference to time; the theory, the precept, the concept of time. Time captures us all, doesn’t it? Whether conscious of it or not, it is the universal equalizer.

In relation to our physical being, time is finite. Everything experienced as a product of our existence here is then, by transitive property, also finite. Our achievements, our shortfalls, triumphs, tribulations, material wealth, fears, embarrassments; all finite.

As more time passes, it becomes increasingly apparent that there is less of it to come. Time, a relative concept, becomes ever more real. We reflect on the past, we contemplate the future, we get lost in the now. We attempt to capture what we are captured by.

The experiences I’ve had within my time have created neither a position of satisfaction nor regret. My experiences have furthered the evolution of both my physical and ethereal self; the body and the soul. Each connected to the other by the Heart. That is how we connect ourselves here to the greatness of the universe and to who we truly are; by our Heart. The awareness of the connection in the Heart is what has quieted those short-sighted ideas of satisfaction and regret and opened up feelings of joy, happiness, peace, growth and evolution. (“Growth” and “evolution” are nice words for the hard parts of life; the tears, the stresses and the self-persecution).

I’ve learned that time, even with its uncompromising, faceless command over this place, does itself have a universal equalizer – Love. I’ve learned that time is erased by Love; real Love – the kind you don’t explain, can’t explain, and wouldn’t care to. It is the kind that connects the Heart and the soul and the universe.

Time falls second to Love, always. Time is a concept of the physical. Love is not a concept at all. Love is imprinted on your soul – a tenet of the eternal; carried with you until time folds onto itself and further still. We find our soul when we find Love with our Heart, in a Heart, for a Heart.

And so, as time moves forward, there is stillness in Love. It is not measured in seconds and minutes, days and years. It is forever. It is immeasurable in how it keeps you, not how you keep it. I am grateful for the openness I have to Love. I am grateful for the Love that has been given to me, the Love I have given, the Love I’ve accepted and the Love that’s been accepted from me. I will never give up on Love. I could never give up on Love. I’ve learned what Love is and the unrelenting truth is, literally, everything.    

Be Love.

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