can i see your id, please?

The greater the distance we travel into this life, the greater, it seems, we carry with us. We accumulate our identity. Through experience, success, challenges and tribulations, we define who it is that we are. Or perhaps, we allow it to define who it is that we are. We become the businessperson, the philanthropist, the parent, the caregiver, the teacher, the student, the victor, the victim. What we become, we come to be.

Like a dictionary definition, consistent and unwavering each and every time it is read, the image of our self too becomes imprinted. Constructed and imprinted. As we build our identity like the floors of a skyscraper, whether each storie tells a different story or the next level only heightens the one before it, our structure becomes precarious. What seems as though should represent strength and power, doesn’t. It creates expectation, stress, anxiety and, ultimately, misalignment of the self.

As we build taller and taller, we can only believe that for the structure to come down, it would be nothing less than catastrophic. It would erase who we had become to that point in life, exposing it for us to see that it is not truly who we are.

Is it to say that what you’ve created in your lifetime is not meaningful? No. It is meaningful. It is a part of your legacy; a part of how you share your physical presence here. But, it is not you. Why is this true? Because what you have become was a choice that was made. You were you before that choice and you will be you after the choice.

We feel like we find ourselves in the choices. But, we more lose ourselves in them. We search for an identity. We focus on the choices as a purpose of accomplishment and when we achieve them, they can become expectation of the self. The choices can become obligation and a false sense of security. All this being said, who we become, the choices we make, create the beautiful beings that we are. That is how we live life in the reflection of who we choose to be. Granted, the choices that we make can be destructive but they can also be productive. And together, we are beautiful in the midst of them and because of them.

But, to find our meaning, we needn’t look any further than the perfect Love that we are. We are perfect Love before the choices and we are perfect Love after the choices. When the choices serve to overshadow who and what we really are, Love, we find misalignment of the self. You don’t need you to be anything but just you, nor should anyone else. We fracture the relationship we have with our self and with others around us when we see expectation, when we expect something other than what’s exactly at the ground floor, the foundation; the perfect Love we’ve all inherited simply by our presence here.

You are here to just be. To be still, to be peaceful, to be Love. If you do some stuff in between all of that, great! Do not lose sight of what your true identity is. It is not what you create, but has created you. Love.

Be Love.

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