how to fight for what you believe in


It’s on its way, if it’s not already here – the things that matter to you in life. The things that matter the most in life. These are the things that you’ve realized are integral in forming what you want your life to look like. These are the things that are the real embodiment of what is in your Heart. You will feel that you’ll be better at it than anyone else has ever been, even if there have many before you. You will feel that it’s meant to be; that it is your path. And, the path, will be clear to your sight, to your vision, to your being.

1.Figure it out

What is it, exactly, that you’re fighting for? What we believe we’re striving for is not always actually what it truly is. Think about if what you’re after is something just on the surface or a deeper fulfillment. You will need a level of self awareness and reflection here. You will need to speak to your Heart. The amount of fight you have will be only be strengthened by how clear and how true¬† it is in your Heart. This is the big stuff in life.

2.Don’t set parameters

Contrary to what most “success” step plans advise, don’t define exactly what you’re going to do. I’ll tell you this, if you are truly fighting for something that is imprinted within your Heart, the idea of what you’ll do and not do will be as unpredictable as unpredictable gets. Resign to the fact that you won’t know everything that’s coming and how you’ll respond.

3.Stay grounded

Now that you’ve thrown out the idea of having a definitive set plan as to what you’ll do or not do to realize your goal, you still need to maintain a sense of ground. When it comes time to make a decision, act on something, find words to say, or a sacrifice to make (and the time will come, more than once), your Heart will tell you if what you’re about to do enriches it or compromises it. If it translates into building your strength, offering some learning, showing compassion, exercising forgiveness, enabling understanding, lifting someone up (including yourself), that’s a green light. If it questions your self respect, diminishes your self Love, bolsters your pride or boosts your ego, hurts someone (including yourself), that’s a red light.

4.Be emotional

True growth isn’t a stoic endeavour. If what you’re doing means the universe to you, then you’re going to feel it. That kinda makes sense, no? “Toughing it out” and “powering through” won’t teach you everything you need to learn. Sure, there’s a time and a place for pulling up your socks to keep moving forward, but there’s also a time and a place to sit yourself down. To cry. To be lost. To feel like you can’t do it. To be angry. To question what you’re doing. You need all of that. You need to get it in you as much as you need to get it out of you. Being emotional can offer clarity and just a general clear out. Like, lovingly taking out the trash. Some stuff will probably get recycled, too.

5.The cheese stands alone

You’re not cheese.

No one will fight as hard as you for what it is that you believe in or want. It’s just simple math. But, that doesn’t mean there aren’t people that won’t fight for YOU. The right people will support you the right way. Whether it’s a close person that knows what’s in your Heart or someone that has the knowledge and experience you don’t, ask for help. Lean on others for support, for guidance, for gut checks. We aren’t here to do everything alone.

6.Gut checks

It’s incredibly imperative to seek help and advice; to get another perspective, a different idea, encouragement, a lift in strength, to learn. But, ultimately, whatever knowledge you’ve garnered from whatever source it is, your intuition is your best guide. Absorb experience and information, your own and from the outside, and process it internally. Your Heart and your intuition will know where to steer you.

7.Watch out for fear

Fear lurks everywhere. It will infiltrate your mind, it will disguise itself as your intuition and it will try to silence your Heart. Why? Because you’re human. Because you’re putting the most important thing about you out there to be vulnerable. Because you’ve lived through past experiences that your brain wants to protect you from repeating. But, it’s not real. The reason you’re doing this, the real reason that’s because of what’s in your Heart, that’s the reason to follow. Fear is a liar.

8.Believe in magic

It’s free and without it, 9. doesn’t work.


The power of the Heart is an immeasurable force that cannot be rivaled. It will provide you patience, strength, resolve, dedication and perseverance that you would have never envisioned having. But, you need the Universe. You need to close your eyes, look squarely at it and say, “it needs to be you and I for this to work.” The Universe is there for you. The Universe will get in your corner, with your Heart, and take on the parts that you just can’t. It’s bigger than you and that’s why you need the Universe. It seems counter-intuitive (and scary) to leave something so big up to something that we can’t see or touch, but that’s where the power is. To have faith. You do 1. to 8. and then let go. Subscribe to faith. Get out of the way and let the Universe do its magic. And, it will do its magic. The second you believe in it is the second it becomes possible.


It wouldn’t be a list without it. Love. Love without expectation. Love without reciprocation. Love without anticipation. Love with perfect chaos. Just Love. Love those who Love you. Love those that don’t. Love the journey. Love the path. Love yourself.

Never lose sight of what’s in your Heart. Never lose sight of Love.

Be Love


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