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There’s a reason we don’t instinctually speak with our Heart. Many reasons in fact; fear, the possibility of rejection, uncertainty, embarrassment, inexperience, past experience; to give a short list of a much longer list.

As we absorb our own life experience and observe other life experiences around us, we accumulate the residue of negative inference. In the same context, we do so of positive derivatives. That is a bit of the science behind the soul. We try things out, we create an action, we receive the result and we measure the conclusion. As a product, it shapes our comfort towards who we’re willing to be.

The instinct of the mind is to inherently attempt a translation of cause and effect. It searches for correlation. It’s how it learns and evolves. And, it does so for your protection. Much like how, if no one told you of the danger of touching a hot stove, your mind would be sure you would learn the lesson very quickly and resolutely the first time you did tough the stove. It would be the only time you did.
With similarity, the mind will do the same of emotions and feelings. It will create its version of cause and effect and provide a pathway for your mind to learn to do something, as a response. Or, to not do something. In all cases, it does so to avoid a negative consequence or to produce a positive benefit. It is how the mind attempts to protect you.

But, the oversight of the mind is that there is no protection required from the Heart. There is no cause and effect of the Heart. “Always do the right thing”; you know what that means to me now? It means, always do what’s in your Heart. Be the truth that’s in your Heart. It means being your real self without the conditioned fear of what the effect is to your cause. The cause is to open to your Heart. It’s to be in the vibration of your Heart. It’s to be in the truth of your Heart. The effect is the peace you experience. It’s the freedom of your soul. It’s the expansion of your universe. The cause and effect of an act of the Heart is entirely internal. You do not control that which is outside of you. To believe that idea is not what is in alignment with your Heart. Can you inspire? Yes. Can you help others unlock their Heart? Yes. Can you attract the Heart which you have inside of you, to you? Yes. But, that’s as far as it goes and that’s as far as it needs to go.

There is no shortage of hurt in this world. There is no shortage of insult, of rejection, of misinterpretation and misunderstanding. But, it’s not as result of what is from the Heart. It’s not because of doing the right thing; the Heart thing. It’s because of all that is not where the Heart is. It doesn’t need to be understood any further or any greater than. What we need to teach ourselves is that when we speak, act, live from the Heart, we’ve done the right thing. No matter what the response, what the reaction or what the result. To be discouraged because of a less-than-positive response, reaction or result is tying together a cause and effect that is not meant to be tied together. It’s matching to frequencies that don’t belong together.

When you live your Heart, you inspire your universe to show up for you. You open the pathway that says this is what you want in your life. It sends out the highest frequency and level of attraction for all things in life by saying “I’m not scared of being Love or being Loved”. Not to mention, it’s just the right thing to do.

Be Love.

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