to be yourself, or not to be yourself?….

To be yourself, or not to be yourself?….

Somewhere, probably a long while ago, something didn’t go the way you’d hoped it would; or, the way you thought it would. Likely, more than once. A bunch of times, I would imagine. Back when you were differently resilient. Back when you didn’t even know what it meant to be resilient. You just knew what it was to be you. It was a time where, perhaps, you weren’t more resilient or less resilient, but differently resilient. Not as much mattered back then. A lot of life hadn’t happened to you, yet.

Back then, you were more of yourself. You liked what you liked and you thought what you thought; you said what you said and you felt what you felt. None of it was ever to harm or hurt anyone. It was just what was you. But, somewhere along the way, someone didn’t agree with who you were. It may have been something largely insignificant like making fun of your favourite shirt or not letting you into a secret recess club, or something that you felt very deeply about like stepping on your dream to be a race car driver or even abandonment. At the time, all of those things were life. There was really nothing more because there couldn’t be any more. In turn, you only knew how to be you; the real you. But, along that path, there came the time where being the real you seemed to not be accepted. It seemed, “not good enough”. Thus, introduced was the idea that the real you was something that had the potential to not be accepted. It introduced the idea of being something other than the real you for reason of acceptance.

And now, fast forward. You have a job, responsibilities, obligations. You have aspirations and goals. You have expectations and dreams. You have “friends” and you have friends. You have a login and a password (or eighteen). You have insecurities and cognitive dissonance. You have hurt and you have emotional trauma. Back then, you didn’t really have many or even any of those things; you had a scraped knee. Everything you brought to the outside, came truly from the inside. And now, a lot of what’s on the inside has come from the outside.

If you knew then what you know now, you wouldn’t have cared about anything other than the real you. You would have known that the Universe, Love, God, Source, supports the true, inner you; the you that comes from within your Heart. It wouldn’t have mattered what anyone thought or said or did because you would have known they weren’t with the program, and that’s ok for them. They’ll get there at some point. And so, because you’re a human, when “you” weren’t accepted, it conditioned you to believe there was some other version of you that you needed to find; that you needed to become. Years and decades of that search has resulted in being more lost. And, no wonder we’re scared to be who we really are. We hardly recognize who that person is. Our lives are filled with much of what we’ve convinced ourselves to “matter” but that of which really very little forwards and fosters the Love inside of our Heart. We bought into the falsity of the reward system of falling in line with the outside when we should have been buying into the reward system of falling in Love with the inside.

The Universe doesn’t shake your hand and give you a hundred dollar bill for being who you are. It asks you to have faith and stick up for Love. And, when you stick up for Love, you stick up for the real you. It doesn’t look the same for everyone because we’re not the same. But, it feels the same. Love does not see, it feels. It doesn’t look for pros and cons, or reason and rhyme, it just points to your Heart and asks, “what makes that bigger?” It’s a rhetorical question.

Be Love.

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