what you plant will grow

We all just want one thing. It’s Love. Sometimes, the most obvious can be the most insightful.

The inference I’ve made is one I know with certainty. To which one may ask, what authority is it that I possess to make such a claim with such certainty. A fair question. My answer; my life. My authority is my life.

I think that we think we want a lot of things for ourselves in this lifetime. We strive for those things. We set goals. We make plans. We aim to achieve the things we want. And, achieve, we do. We feel accomplished, we feel proud, we feel we’ve done something important; another milestone reached. All of which I support. I encourage goals and endeavours. I applaud accomplishments and achievements. This is certainly not a diatribe to shit on any of it.

By all means, accumulate all that you feel will bring fulfilment to your life. Enjoyment, satisfaction, success; these are real emotions that we’ve been empowered with to experience life in many diverse ways. None of it is ‘bad’, as much as how none of it is really ‘good’. This is not a condemnation of worldly ventures.

Nor is it a renouncement of the emotions that make us feel seen and heard; acceptance, respect, consideration, thoughtfulness, recognition, appreciation; the list can continue on to the stars. This is not a denunciation that we shouldn’t seek the things that make us feel human. After all, we are just that; human. Yes, just that, but not only that.

When I speak about the idea of how we all just want Love, I speak from a place of experience. The experience of my life; the goals, the accomplishments, the career, material items, acceptance, respect, accolades, all of it. Yet, here I am still. Speaking of what’s bigger than any of it. Love.

I write this because of how much Love moves me; because of how much it’s moved me. There is no replacement for Love. There is nothing more meaningful than to give Love and to receive Love. To argue otherwise, in this direction, would fall on deaf ears. We seemingly place almost everything ahead of this goal; of making Love a goal. We think it just happens and it’s the rest of life that needs our time, effort and energy. When we expend our resources, though, attaining what we view as fulfilment, why is it still that there is a pull toward something more? Or, an emptiness that we thought we’d filled? Love is what needs our time, effort and energy. All of it. From it all else follows.

We don’t perceive Love as an actionable goal. But, it is. Self Love, devoting your Love to another, being able to receive Love; these are all endeavours that come to be by dedicating ourselves to that goal. Our direction is opposite; we need this first, or to attain that first. Or, once we get our insecurity harboured or our fear quelled, then we’ll open up. We seek security and safety ahead of true, heartfelt Love. And often, amidst all of how we think we are establishing a place to plant and grow Love, we wonder why we can’t find Love. It’s because we’re looking for everything except It.

We all do really want one thing; it’s not a question. It can’t be because you’re not here for any other reason. I am confident that if you haven’t reached this place in your experience yet, you will. You will take stock of what you have and if real Love isn’t there, you will feel that absence. It is that absence that will make all else obsolete in your life. It really is beautiful, actually, to awaken to this. You are here for one reason; Love. Tto give, to receive, to feel. To

Be Love.

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