space, the final frontier

Sorry. This isn’t about Star Trek.

There’s only so much you can effectively manage at any one point in time. And, whatever you believe the amount to be that you can manage effectively, it’s actually much less.

The plain and simple of it is that we’ve got too much stuff going on in our lives. On every level. We need to make space.

We do too much. We want too much. We own too much. We think too much. We worry too much. We everything too much. Making space focuses on lightening your life; lightening that which takes you away from you.

Space allows for two things to happen; old, stagnant energy to vacate and new, fresh energy to enter. Making space doesn’t mean you get rid of everything that is old or doesn’t serve you how it used to or whatever it may be. Making space is about challenging what you really need in your life from what seems like the most inconsequential to the stuff you don’t know where to begin to deal with.

There will certainly be things you will identify that you can do without, materially speaking. But I caution, don’t be tricked by things that seem like they don’t take up much room or get in the way. If it doesn’t serve you, be rid of it. Perhaps there is opportunity for someone else to make use of what you can’t? Above all, it releases dormant energy that has taken up residence in your environment. The importance being, again, move things out to open it up to something new. Or, better still, leave it free. Leave it to be an open abode that does not need to filled with anything. What feels better? A closet or a garage that’s bursting at the seams or one that’s open and easy to navigate?

What about the seemingly silly stuff we see on a daily basis? How inundated is your inbox? Have you given out your email address to every store in the mall to get their “deal of the week” notice to buy more shit you really don’t need? Unsubsribe. How many accounts do you follow on Instagram? If it doesn’t make you laugh, provide insight or keep in touch with someone you really want to keep in touch with, unfollow. Same with Facebook. Hey, there’s a lot of great social media out there, but really choose what enriches your life. Otherwise, it’s clutter. Electronic clutter.

What about your schedule. Are you effective and efficient in your daily administrative tasks of life? Do you say, “yes” to everything? Do you go here and there to please everyone but yourself? Are the things you’re doing really serving you or just autopilot stuff? Sometimes, the biggest help one can give themselves is to simply sit down and actually evaluate how things are being done. There’s always a better way.

And finally, although the list could literally be endless, I leave with this; make space within yourself. Make space within your Heart and mind of that which you’ve been carrying that is too heavy to carry any further. We all have our challenges and our burdens, but that doesn’t mean they are just to be our own. Share your story and your pain with someone that truly cares about you. Share it with someone that wants to help clear it from your life. Or, perhaps seek out a counselor or someone in a professional field. Freeing yourself from the heaviness that you carry in your Heart and mind, will be the biggest creator of space in your life. This is a form of lightness that will release you from the prison its created and transform itself into joy and peace with the person you truly are. You were meant to be light. Shine.

Be Love.

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