713 words and I may have not said a thing

Want to know what’s probably the most difficult thing in the world to do? Not even “probably”, come to think of it; it has to be the most difficult, actually. And, not because ‘it’ per se is difficult, it’s because everything else makes it difficult. Everything else around ‘it’ that’s not ‘it’ makes it difficult.

Want to know what’s the most difficult thing in the world to do?

Trust your Heart.

It was never meant to be, but it is. And, believe me, if I could explain exactly why, I’d be the first person I’d try to explain it to.

Our Heart is real, yet so much that is around us, is not. That’s not to say it’s good or bad, one way or another, it’s just not….real. Or, perhaps, not as real. And, I think that something we all desire to be, however deep down we’ve repressed it, is to be who we really are; to be real.

Sometimes, on occasion, I sit down in front of this keyboard and I know what I want to come out, but I don’t know how to get there. I search for the words, but stumble. I seek for the appropriate metaphor, but nothing. I try to relate or illustrate the idea by example, but come up empty. It doesn’t seem of merit enough to simply tell yourself or anyone else, “because that’s what’s in my Heart”. It’s a reason, but it’s not really a reason.

Perhaps that’s why it can be difficult to trust our Heart? Perhaps those instances whereby we can’t tangibly communicate what’s in there makes it seems the opposite of real, when it couldn’t be more? Maybe because we can’t translate a feeling into something of a lesser medium of communication, maybe it makes it seem as though we’re working from nothing more than a whim? And, a whim is the last thing anyone would ever want to trust.

Or, maybe fear has a lot to do with it? Maybe it’s because we’d trusted our Heart once, or twice, or three times and we were hurt? Maybe we trusted our Heart and were taken advantage of or cheated or abused? That would probably do it. That would probably, whether voluntary or not, condition our subconscious to abandon turning to the Heart for guidance.

And, you know, in turning away from the Heart for guidance, for self Love, we turn to everything that is not our Heart. We turn to the mind, we turn to what others think, we turn to what we should think, we turn to what others have done. We turn to all the things that can and will never be as real as our Heart. We turn to what we think is “best” as opposed to what the Heart knows is best.

I don’t think trusting your Heart means everything is going to be amazing. But, I think trusting our Heart is what makes us amazing.

As I type this, I can’t help but feel I’m saying little to nothing. Little to nothing because this is so much less about how to spell it out and so much more about what it feels like. It’s like looking up at that C-shaped crescent moon in the night sky and believing, trusting, what the universe holds. I’d have no easier of an endeavour putting pen to paper on that one in any overly convincing way other than to say, “you just have to trust the Universe”. I have no taller of soapbox to stand on other than to let myself trust what’s up there; what’s out there. No different than trusting what’s in here (pointing at chest where Heart is).

I trust my Heart. It’s hard to know it sometimes, to hear it sometimes, to listen to it sometimes, but I trust it. I know there’s no one way to do it other than to do it. And, to get up and try again. And, get up and try again. I know we’ve all tried those other things; we’ve tried to trust what our mind thought, what other people thought, what we thought we should have thought, and have still had to mend and rebuild. So, why not trust the one real place Love is?

Trust your Heart.

Be Love.

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