what if….?

What if….you were just Love?

What if every thought you had, every action you took, every feeling you felt, was on a foundation of Love?

What if you offered a compassionate smile to a homeless person rather than deny his existence by turning your head?

What if you just gave to give?  Not for accolades or rewards, but because someone needed what you had.

What if you looked in the mirror and saw your beauty instead of focusing on your flaws?

What if, when you thought, “I should listen to my Heart”, you actually did?

Your Heart is the answer. It can and wants to do EVERYTHING for you. We put a pretty basic physical responsibility on our Heart; to run the body. Power this, pump that, keep me going day to day and, hopefully, don’t overheat. Without it, physiologically, you’d have a tough go at staying ALIVE. Its strength, however, is infinitely so much more. Your Heart is your LIFEFORCE. Without using it spiritually, emotionally and mentally, are you really actually LIVING?

Your Heart will rack up more life experience than any other part of you. It’s the first thing to get here and it’s the last thing to go. It can feel, think, ache, work, act; the list goes on. There’s no substitute for the experience it has, and yet, how often is it that we ask our Heart what we should do?

We often believe that we need to agonizingly weigh every option, process every possible variable and evaluate each potential outcome. Only then, will we let our BRAIN make a calculated decision. And, in many circumstances, it’s a decision that is pretty much second guessed and waivered upon the very moment after we’ve made it.

What if there only was one decision to make?

To choose LOVE.

Your Heart doesn’t weigh the options. It doesn’t analyze all the potentials. It doesn’t play out all the results. It already knows the answer. It bases everything it does on Love. If you make a decision using Love as your foundation, you’re making the right decision. I know it sounds PollyAnna, but really, how else can you put it? Trust that if you’re doing something from Love, you’re doing something right.

You don’t need to do anything drastic. Wake up in the morning and say to yourself, “I am Love”. If someone cuts you off in traffic; “I am Love”. Face frustration at work; “I am Love”. Another bill comes in the mail; “I am Love”. Soften yourself to everything that comes your way by remembering that you are Love. That’s why you’re here. To be Love.

You can still get where you need to go with small steps. Just being open to knowing that you are Love is further along than you were yesterday. Small acts can create big changes.





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