let there be light!

Everyone has a beautiful heart.

I invite you to think of any tyrant throughout the various eras of history, or any acts of hatred or violence you’ve ever seen on the news, or even what’s happened to you personally. Every one of those individuals you can think of has a beautiful heart.

There is no equilibrium maintained in the heart. There is only good; only beauty; only Love.  Just like how it cannot be both day and night in the same place; the system of equilibrium of the heart, is larger. The harmful acts we witness, experience and feel, whether physical, mental or emotional, are not a product of the type of heart a person has, but rather, they are a product of the type of person that person is. Those acts come from a wider system that include the heart, but are not by way of the heart. The full spectrum of that system of equilibrium houses the mind, the ego, pain, abuse and, ultimately, fear. Any choice not made from Love is made from the influence of those other components of the system.

To Love unconditionally is not to allow oneself to be hurt but to separate the Love from all else. It is the choice to acknowledge the light of the heart even though it may not be shining on you.

Unconditional Love is a choice. It’s a big choice. Not only does it mean you accept the responsibility of living in the frequency of Love, it means you have to choose to look past what you see on the outside (not Love) for what is actually on the inside (Love). You may even have to accept and understand that what you have experienced before (Love), you no longer do (not Love). Still not done – to add even more to it; you will also have to decide how much of the not Love stuff you’re willing to keep in your life and how much you do not want to navigate through. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Choosing unconditional Love is to acknowledge the Love in every heart there is, regardless of anything else. As much as it requires an unrelenting, open heart, it doesn’t mean you do so at a detriment to your own. This is not only true of the relationships you carry on in your personal life but it’s true of how you simply carry on in everything in your life. It’s watching endless news story after news story of violence. It’s interacting with people on a level that focus on or gravitate towards the negative. (Consequently, that one is tough because it will feel as though we are connecting with the people we are sharing these stories with. And, there is a positive, productive and supportive way to do this. However, more often than not, the stories we share and try to relate upon are about something terrible someone did or how crummy of a person “so-and-so” is, rather than actually communicating our true feelings, trying to understand perspectives and being both sympathetic and empathetic.) It’s what state of emotional presence you keep yourself in and how you respond to the circumstances of your life (your vibrational frequency). And, it’s also how we replay the hurtful experiences we’ve faced, over and over, in our minds.

Frequently living in those spaces can only make it challenging to believe in the heart. It can only make it challenging to believe that everyone has a heart that is beautiful. The more time spent in the presence of these influencers, the more it shapes your paradigm of others. It’s not to say we should ignore, neglect or turn a blind eye to any of it and pretend to live in a rose-coloured reality. Nor is it to say we shouldn’t engage in and face any of it. I do it, too. I have, and will continue, to make myself a victim of it. I am human, after all. But, having the expectation to remove all of it from your life is just not realistic. We have a choice as to how much energy we want to expend in keeping our own heart strong, optimistic and full of Love in the midst of it all.

The way you outwardly approach unconditional Love is cohesive with how you experience inward unconditional Love, ie the Love and acceptance of exactly the person that you are. In truth, as I write this, the thought comes that it may work in the opposite direction. Or, perhaps they parallel each other? You, like any and every one else, have a beautiful heart. A heart that is only Love. As much as you are empowered to choose how much of it enters your life from the outside, you choose how much of it enters your life from the inside. It’s all about how and what you surround yourself with in life. It’s about what you choose to lift your vibration or not lift your vibration. Imagine the mental and emotional freedom you could possess by seeing every circumstance and every person, stranger or close companion, through the lens of unconditional Love. Imagine the mental and emotional freedom you could possess by seeing yourself through the very same lens.

Unconditional Love is a choice to see the light within every heart, it is a choice to burn yours brightly and it is a choice to decide which light you wish to make brighter with yours and which light you watch from a distance.

Be your light.

Be Love.




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