Love is what happens to you while you’re busy making plans

It’s About Time to acknowledge that Love Actually can be a bit Stranger Than Fiction; in a way by which I mean, not what we wanted to expect. What gets me, though, is despite that we’ve most likely all had this experience in life, we still attempt to convince ourselves in subscribing to a belief system that it’s “supposed” to look a certain way, to feel a certain way, to fit into a box that we probably didn’t even totally create ourselves.

We establish “ideals” that we expect from Love, yet really, the ideal is simply to be Loved and to Love. Without hesitation. Without reservation.

The challenge we all face, because we’re physical human beings, is the incongruence of mind versus heart, ie Earth versus the Universe. Do we listen to our head or do we go with the heart? How many times have you said, “well, I gotta think about it”? How many times have you said, “I’ll see how I feel”? It’s probably pretty lopsided in favour of the former over the latter. And, truthfully, even when we say we’ll check with our feelings, we usually just end up using “logic” and “reason” to sort things out, anyway. It’s not easy to let go of.

We try to blueprint Love. It’s a product of our daily intake with limited independent personal filtering and processing. It’s the movies we watch, the songs we listen to, the posts we see on Facebook and it’s a bunch of our own doing, too. Because of it all, of course we have a tough time not coming to a conclusion that Love can be figured out with a checklist. We write a story about it before it’s even happened. A story that’s not our own but one we’ve put together from various fragments creating and supporting the blueprint we think we’re supposed to want. But, how could something so big, so wonderful, be contained?

There is safety in logic. There is solace in reason. There is security in thinking something through, assessing the variables and coming to a supportable conclusion. We believe this to only be possible with the mind. We, very rarely, give any responsibility to our heart in figuring something out for us. And, it’s not just Love. Changing careers, where you decide to live; the bigger things in life, we’re too nervous to hand over to our heart.

But, the heart is not devoid of logic or rationale or reason. It employs all of those things and more; feeling, intuition and your connection with the Universe. These are big things; big things that we may not necessarily feel in control of. And, when we don’t feel very in control, we get scared. The direction that your heart is guiding you may not seem to make sense with what you thought it was going to be or what you figured it would look like, and that incongruence creates fear. Trust can be a scary thing, especially putting it into something you can’t see but only feel. And, fitting as it may be, I can’t offer a definitive, logical reason as to why you should trust your heart other than to say that I believe in it. I know that the best version of me is that one that truly comes through from my heart. I don’t know why, I can’t say how, I just know it is. That’s trust, isn’t it?

Be Love.









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