billy ocean had right the whole time

There will be many instances throughout your life that you will be asked to let go. They won’t all bear the same appearance, but rest assured, it won’t just happen once. It’s not just once. If it were simply once, you’d have a single checkpoint of growth in the how ever many years you spend here and that would be it.

There’s no fun in that.

These instances we’ll all face, these instances of letting go, it’s not a matter of just throwing your hands in the air and being done with it. No. It’s a lot further from the end and a lot closer to just the beginning than it may seem. It’s the time in which you’ve reached the mark to pass off what was once in your hands to something greater. That’s when these moments arise; that’s when you get the pull to let go the most. It’s when, even though we clamour to gain control, to maintain control, it’s time to actively relinquish control. And really, what greater command in power and control than to consciously assign it to a higher force? A higher force than you, but that is You.

It’s not that you abandon your goals or give up on your dreams and ‘hope’ they’ll come to be. It’s about acknowledging that your physical self can only do so much. It’s about knowing that employing all that is available to you in this life means giving control to what seemingly appears to be out of your hands. The hands you pass it off to are still yours; just able to handle more. But, it is only fair though that you do everything you can up to that point. There is no free ride, here. That’s part of the three-way deal; that’s your contribution to your total self – you take care of the physical stuff, you make sure you’ve asked your Heart to weigh in and then you give it up to the Universe. It’s all three. It’s choosing to get into the car but not behind the wheel.

And, you have faith and you know. You have faith and you know that you did everything you possibly could for your dream. You have faith and you know that your Heart was in on it with you; that it was a true reflection of who you really are. And, you have faith and you know that the Universe will take you the rest of the way.

You leap. Be it with a job, with relationships, with changing old habits, with vulnerable communication and with allowing your Heart to be fully open. It’s why a lot of people get stuck, or make a decision that they know they shouldn’t make – they stick with trying to maintain control; it’s too scary to give it away. They don’t actually let the Heart contribute; it’s easier to make sense of what seems to be on paper rather than on true feeling. And, they trust themselves rather than the Universe; when they should trust themselves to trust the Universe.

You are in control. You are given the control to ask a greater power to take over for you; to not do it for you, but to do it with you. It has to be a choice otherwise it would have no intention behind it. There would be no focus and no directive, just fear. You don’t find what’s in your Heart by fluke. You ask for it. You ask to be who you were always meant to be.

Be brave.

Be Love.

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