empire of light

A rainbow is a phenomenon whereby reflection, refraction and the dispersion of light in water droplets results in a spectrum of colour appearing in the sky. It is not a physical object that can be approached, touched or harnessed and is impossible to create without a single, unified light source. When, at its brightest, it is beautiful. A rainbow paints the sky with colours whose vibrancy is unparalleled; not readily able to be replicated by any derivation other than itself. It is a perfect projection of the artistic, yet mathematical construct of nature.

You are the light source of your rainbow. The colours of which manifest themselves across the spectrum of your life. They combine to paint your sky with the vibrancy that you project. Your rainbow is reflective of the light that emanates from your Heart. It is the representation of the source that is you. It is all of it; it is your self-worth, it is your support, it is the company you keep, it is the manner in which you treat yourself, it is the manner in which you treat others, it is the fulfilment you find within your being and it is your Love.

The intensity of your light, of your Love, is what creates the beauty in your sky. It is what brings the spectrum of awe-inspiring colour to you, to be a reflection of you, to be You. When, at its brightest, it is the perfect projection of who you are meant to be. It isn’t anything that can be measured or quantified. It, too, is a phenomenon. It is the light in which you build your being upon.

You bring this to yourself. You are the light that creates the rainbow and yet it is also the rainbow that provides the beauty to you. My own rainbow; I think of the people I Love and those that Love me; I think of how I choose what is in my Heart and how I share it; I think of what is important and meaningful to me and my actions to enable the realization of those aspirations through my Heart. I know that it is what I build from my light. And that light is the integral component to creating the colours of your rainbow; of what is brought to you manifested by relationships, prosperity and Love.

It’s not an accident; it’s not a perfect storm. It is everything that is tangible and, also, not. It is not luck or a fluke. It is a concerted focus to be the light that brings onto it the rainbow. There is an actual mathematical equation for a rainbow. And, your rainbow too, has an equation; it’s found in your Heart. It is Love. It is kindness. It is consideration. It is respect. It is compassion. It is nothing you can grab or calculate, but it is everything you can feel. It is what is real and like the colours in the sky, your Heart will see it.

Be Love.

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