maybe it’s the party talking or the chocolate fondue?

You have forgotten.

It is not your fault.

There has been hurt. There has been disappointment. There has been fear. Enabling you; convincing you to forget. Convincing you to forget not what you are, but who you are. Convincing you that this way is less painful; that this way is easier. Your eyes will be open, yet you will not see. And that which you believe you should see, but cannot, you will forget. But, It is not meant to be seen. You can remember.

You can remember. It is your choice to remember. It is your choice to open the door. And, to leave it open. To let It in. It may not be all that enters, but It will be all that will stay. It is your choice to invite It in.

It is your choice to remember the time before the hurt and the disappointment and the fear. It is your choice to not to push it apart from you, but to make it a part of you. That which we resist only makes stronger that which we resist. That which we allow, only makes us stronger.

There is no substitute for who you really are. Hurt will try; disappointment will try; fear will try. They will all try. They will try by using that which can be seen. They will try by using that which can be seen as a substitute for that which can only be felt. You will feel It within you. Your external sensory perceptions will be muted yet what you feel will never be more heightened. It is You. That which you can feel stronger than anything else can only be You.

You are Love. You were always meant to be Love. To give, to receive, to light your way and to enlighten the way. Everything else that is not Love will try to persuade you to believe that this openness is painful. And, it can be. It will be. Everything else that is not Love will try to persuade to believe that the converse is less painful. That not allowing Love in will lessen the hurt you feel and erase the hurt you have felt. But, it’s not true. The hurt only appears to subside because it has been there long enough for you to forget who You were without it. To forget who You are with It; who You are with Love.

You have forgotten. But, it is not your fault. You can remember who You are. You have felt it. It never leaves You, It only waits for You.

Be Love!


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