Love. [i don’t think we’ve ever used that title?!]

There really is nothing else out there that compares. It’s an expression, a feeling, a strength, a peace. It can be as powerful as a herd of stampeding elephants or it can be as quiet as a mouse. Love will lift you and keep you where you need to be. It is beauty and it is wonder. It is meaning and it is reason. It is transformative.

To say that there are no requirements of Love would be….inaccurate. There are; or maybe there’s just one? Maybe that should say, “there is”. Whether it’s just one or a hundred, it will be the most ever asked of you.

Love wants you to just do one thing. Give. Give it all away. Over and over and over, again. There’s many ways and many people to give your Love to. It won’t all be the same that you show it or can even be able to show it. It might be a silent blessing in your mind; it might be a kind text in the middle of the day; it might be the biggest hug you’ve ever given someone or it might be your unconditional, unrelenting Heart for the person that means most to you. It’s all different.

The way Love is the same is that you just give it. You don’t expect it in return. You don’t judge. You don’t measure. You don’t wait. You just give. Love is not a trade. Love is a decision from your Heart, by your Heart. It is not set within a defined parameter. It is to be grateful of and grateful for. It is who you are. The Love inside of you is the Love outside of you. You give. And by giving, you receive. You don’t receive from the source that you gave it to, you receive it from you. Ever volunteer at a soup kitchen? Ever expect to have one of the people you served come to your house to serve you? See what I mean? Same idea.

Love isn’t wondering or worried about what’s on the other side of it. It knows that there’s Love on that side, too and that the Love over there can take care of it over there (which is the Love that comes to you, in case that last sentence was too vague). 🙂

It is just on you to open your own Heart and keep it open. Just yours. And by doing that, without thinking about it or planning around it, you will open other Hearts. Again, it won’t all be the same. You’ll open the Heart that will offer you a silent blessing without even knowing. You will open the Heart that sends you a kind text in the middle of the day. You will open the Heart that gives you the biggest hug you’ve ever received. And, you will open the Heart that has unconditional and unrelenting Love for you. It is that your openness brought that to you. Your intention to give and to continue to give brought that to you. It is what connects us to all of those other Hearts.

Love will change your life. It will support your life. It will create your life with you in ways you never thought were to be. You just have to let it in.

Be Love.








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