i think therefore i am….am what?

We think too much.

I’m doing it right now as a matter of fact. I’m sitting here, in front of this keyboard, trying to ensure that the message I want to convey, is conveyed the way I think it should be rather than being more interested in conveying my message the way I feel it should be.

Many of the posts I’ve made here, apparent or not, have had their genesis as a result of some sort of what’s going on in my life. And, rightfully so. Rightfully so because what gets typed in these words isn’t something that is meant to be cerebral. There’s an element of that, sure, as there should be. But, it’s really meant to be emotive. There was a time that, more often than not, I approached this from an analytical position. I tried to ‘think’ of things to write about; ‘think’ of how to get a message across. What I found was that the posts that felt the most fulfilling were those that weren’t about the thinking, but about the feeling.

What’s here is really about creating a connection with myself and what is coming through me from my Heart. And, to not be afraid to share that. It is our minds, our over thinking, that makes us afraid. It’s easy to confuse the two; Heart vs mind. It’s easy to believe that, at those moments when we are about to share are true self, we doubt our Heart. When our true self wants to speak, that is something that originates in our Heart. And, it is something the mind opposes more adamantly than any other instance. Why? Because it believes it is not in control. It doesn’t like to not be in control. This is when the mind puts up its strongest persuasion.

When you experience a true part of your Heart coming through you, it is there because of the Universe. The Universe does not communicate with the mind. It communicates with your Heart. It channels its guidance and knowledge down to your Heart hoping that you will transfer that message up to your mind and allow you to carry it out. As beings trapped in the human condition, we misinterpret that the messages we should largely act upon originate in the mind, to then which we may push down into our Heart for further processing.

When that message of the Heart is coming up to flow out through the mind, the mind feels the force of the Universe behind it and has no choice but to try to exert an equal opposing force to silence it; so that it remains in control. So, when we ‘think’ we are feeling those fearful moments about sharing what we really have inside, what that is, is us feeling the threatened response of the mind. We’re not feeling the fear of our Heart (an impossibility, actually), we are experiencing the fear of the mind. We then easily associate the fear with our Heart rather than with that of the mind and its attempt at maintaining control.

I think I feel that we are who we really are when we act as conduits of our Heart. No one ever hears a story about how someone trusted their mind or relied on how their mind felt. Know why? Because those moments never led to anything beautiful enough to share. It’s “follow your Heart” and not “follow your mind” for a reason. The more seconds we waste in those moments when our Heart is trying to speak, the more we silence the power of the Universe coming to us and coming through us in whatever medium it chooses to. What remains constant is that it always comes to us to give through the Heart or to be received by us to take into our Heart.

I really think you should feel your way through the next one. 😉

Be Love.



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