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“Everything in life is a vibration” – Albert Einstein

The great part about when science meets spirituality is that, for those who need it, science provides spirituality a degree of credibility. It provides something tangible to the, widely-believed, intangible. Science, for the most part, is measurable via instruments, gadgets and all sorts of doo-dads. Spirituality, for the most part, is not. Bridging the gap between the two is what merges fact with faith. And, although faith should always precede fact for the mere reason that faith is what begets fact, we usually seem to get it backwards.

Everything in life is a vibration. Your world is an ocean of energy. Inanimate objects, colours, sounds, foods, you name it. And yes, You, too! Right down to each of your individual cells.

Whether conscious of it or not, we are all in a constant state of vibration. From the perspective of actual theory, it makes no difference whether you are aware of how it works or not, like gravity. Or, even if you know such a phenomenon exists. You will feel your frequency; you will feel up, you will feel down, you will feel sideways and everything in between. As a vibrational entity, your state of being is defined by that of the frequency at which you operate at as well as the frequencies that you bring into your life.

Often as we experience these different states, there is no inclination to correlate the effect to a cause, at least, not at a level that seems to be undetectable. Usually, we just pick out the easiest thing we can “see” instead of going deeper. Deeper to a level which appears to be imperceptible, but is actually not. Vibrations and frequencies are not imperceptible. ‘Tuning in’ to identify the infinite waves of vibration and frequency that surround our daily lives only better equip us to align ourselves with those frequencies that bring us to a higher state of being.

Have you ever recognized an instance where, say, you’ve entered a room and all of sudden felt glum? That’s tuning in. Ever listened to a song and noticed you felt more upbeat than you did just a few moments before? That’s tuning in. Ever had a moment of inconsideration and were able to link it to your feeling of guilt? That’s tuning in. These ‘tuning in’ moments happen every second of the day. For the person that is receptive and conscious of the effects of vibration and frequency, these moments are readily recognizable. Granted, some register louder than others, but there is impact to them all. That of which is your state of being is constantly shifting to adapt.

The shifts occur in all directions and, in fact, can often be in disguise. There are definitely some universalities to this as much as there are individualities. The news (most news), substance abuse, anger, fear – these are all universal in that they lower your vibrational state. Hugs, sunshine, meditation and Love?! All universal in raising your vibrational state. Universal vibrational shifters are usually pretty easy to spot. They are sort of what you think they are. At the same time, there are some that act in disguise; seem higher but are lower; seem lower but are higher. Drug and alcohol abuse is an easy example; they can temporarily make us feel uplifted or supported, but in fact do the opposite. Sharing emotional feelings or past traumatic experiences can seem to bring us down or cause pain, but can actually help to raise our true frequency at its core. There are many of these that we engage in or don’t engage in unbeknownst to the long term detriments or benefits they have on our life.

There are also very individualistic vibrational influencers. Often, people encounter these with foods, sounds or colours, to name a few.

Not only do vibrational frequencies impact our mental and emotion being, degrees of vibration affect our health and energy. When your body or part of your body becomes stressed or suffers an ailment, it is because there is no longer the production of the correct frequency from that source. After going through a mental or emotionally stressful period, often a downgrade in our physical health soon follows – something I’m sure most of us have experienced. It is a product of a compromise to your vibrational well being emanating into an external, physical form.

Vibrational state is the science behind your spirit. Each day, the experiences we have, the people we share company with, the topics we speak about, the way we take care of our body, the decisions we make, all determine our vibrational state. Our vibrational state, then, determines how we fare mentally, emotionally, physically and, of course, spiritually. It’s the old, “garbage in, garbage out” idiom. Only, in this application, it applies to, really, our integral composition. When we don’t have the strength to overcome, with our own vibration, those frequencies operating lower than us, we sink to that lower level. The more we choose those surroundings, the more our vibration will align with that of the surroundings, becoming our own baseline measurement. Similarly, by surrounding ourselves with those sources emitting a higher vibration, we too will mirror those frequencies; becoming stronger, more energetic and healing ourselves.

And, where do we find the highest vibration? Love, of course. We find it in real manifestations of Love – the beauty of nature, an expression of creativity, the people that truly care about us and those that we truly care about. Allowing Love in and allowing Love out will transform your frequency. Not simply at that temporary moment, but as true, lasting transformation. When you genuinely expand your Heart, it can never go back.

Be Love.

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