stupid Jerry Maguire actually had something there :)

There’s not a whole lot I know for sure. But, this I do:

Love will complete your life.

The Universe does two things; it supports your evolution and it will let you choose. The reason this is our reality here is exactly because of Love. Our lives are an all-encompassing, never-ending opportunity for Love. It is what your growth, my growth, everyone’s growth is. This growth is a not a given. It is, as the Universe intends, a choice.

Sure, everyone will undergo a little bit of evolution simply as a function of being alive. It’s a product of the experiences you have. We go through life, experience upon experience upon experience – that is the Universe supporting your evolution. Integral to that support, is what you want to do with it. What decision you want to make about the experiences you are given.

The ability to choose your evolution into Love is what makes it so powerful, so meaningful. Anything that comes as an automatic or without option just can’t have the same impact. Choosing Love is what invariably makes you bigger.

Do we come into this world as Love? Yes. Is that the path we all take? No. There is ethereal element of your being that is Love. It will always be Love no matter what. It is, in effect, the ever-open doorway that enables you have the choice to take a path of Love through your Earthly life; to bridge the gap toward your higher self. And, it is a function of the experience you bring into your life and what it does to you and what you want to do with it.

Understanding that Love will complete your life is as much an end as it is a beginning. It is end to the place that you were in; it is a transition from one level of your being to a higher one. What was important will be no longer. What provided meaning will now be fleeting. It’s not that you necessarily change, it’s that you make the decision to become bigger. You experience growth by growing from experience. By making this choice, you acknowledge that your real self is the self that wants to give its Heart to Love.

And, as there is an end, there is a beginning. The beginning of a higher place of being. The beginning of the bigger version of you. The beginning to share Love, unconditionally, and have Love shared with you. It is the ultimate beginning.

Love will complete your life. You are only stronger for it. Sharing the true Love of your Heart carries the greatest strength for it is what the Universe supports in you. There is nothing more powerful. There is no greater meaning. To feel the connection from this Love is the experience of the Universe. And, the Universe is the biggest thing ever, which makes Love, also, the biggest thing ever.

Love big.

Be Love.

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