cheaters never win….or do they?

“You do not lose your demons, but rather you learn to live above them.”

Our physical reality operates in balance – day, night; loud, quiet; hot, cold; good and evil. It is a reflection of everything.

Who you are, that which makes you, You, is also an expression of this balance. Your physical reality strives to maintain its equilibrium. It knows only those parameters and how to operate within them. In a Universe that only supports your ever-awakening consciousness, what sense does it make to have this constant regression to the mean to contend with; to have both that which you want and that which you don’t want in your life?

Conceptually, the goal is to manifest a life of peace and joy – both from within outward and from out inward. Your physical self will always exist in an environment of balance. The physical shell you inhabit, even that which encompasses a multitude of beauty; kindness, compassion, love; will still play by the rules of balance. When you start to bend the rules, that is, when you stop relying upon your physical self to defeat your demons and start trusting in your higher self, is when you learn to live above those demons.

Subscribing to a pick-and-choose philosophy, your physical self needs the challenges we experience throughout life; it is part of the maintenance of balance – the parameters it subscribes to. It’s, perhaps, counterintuitive, but only if viewed from a perspective of physical reality, and only physical reality.

Your higher self needs those demons, too. For reason that, without experiencing the demons in the physical realm, we may never seek out our higher being. Stepping outside of your self is what acts to silence the demons. Challenging their physical existence with the very same physical existence, by that I mean, the age old ‘good versus evil’ doesn’t really solve anything. Just because you shout louder than someone else that’s already shouting, doesn’t get rid of their shouting, does it? Challenging the existence of those demons with something that doesn’t operate on the same plane of existence is what truly quiets all which is not You.

Your higher self operates on an advanced frequency relative to that which you experience in your physical life. The solution is not to bring the higher frequency down to the lower frequency, but rather to bring the lower frequency up to the higher one. It is where it cannot exist.

We can all experience and master the kindness and compassion and love defined by this physical world; all incredibly beautiful and integral to the evolution of who we are. But, when you call upon the kindness and compassion and Love from the higher version of you, is when the demons are silenced. It is when you have learned to live above them.

Your physical self needs your higher self; they are intertwined. But, your higher self doesn’t operate on balance; it does not subscribe to the parameters of equilibrium and so it can cheat in the physical world; it can bend the rules. It exists on a plane that supercedes what we know to be here. And, it is always available to you. It is available to you by connecting with it; by developing a relationship with your Heart, by channeling it through meditation, communicating through the medium of prayer – there is no finite list of how to access your higher being.

You are always your higher self; it is always a resource for all that you encounter in this physical realm. Accessing it will only strengthen the presence of light and Love that you represent in this plane; it will strengthen your ability to live beyond the parameters established in this physical space. After all, like they say, “’rules were made to be broken”.

Be Love.

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