an apple for the teacher


An apple for the teacher

There’s any number of emotions to feel when we’re talking about Love. For most though, Love commonly falls into two buckets; joy of the heart and breaking of the heart – AKA: ‘being in a relationship’. And, while this is very true, it’s just a piece of the puzzle. What we regularly see, hear, read and speak about is ‘relationship love’.  What we regularly and consistently experience is the Love that’s all but relationship love.

Love is everywhere. Most of us reserve Love for the people that we consciously choose to give it to or receive it from. Resultantly, if you think Love is only meant for your family, partner and close friends, then that’s probably where your ‘reality’ of Love will begin and end.

There is no pick-and-choose with Love. Love is our perpetual teacher – no in-services, spring breaks or summers off. You’re a full time student. The only prerequisites to this course are willingness and self-awareness.

To restrict one’s education from Love to the romantic relationships we experience is a very narrow curriculum. Every relationship you encounter in life, from your auto mechanic to an opponent in sports; to your mother-in-law to the relationship you have with yourself, is an opportunity to learn.

Each learning opportunity is one of two choices; an acceptance of Love or a denial of Love. The breadth, however, is indefinable.

Example: you’ve had a long, challenging day. Chores need to be done, maybe should get in another hour of work, you should go to the gym; standard issue. You’d really just like to relax and get to bed early. The acceptance of Love would be to do just that. It would be to take care of yourself and not fret about what needs to be done. It would be to take the path that leads to raising your vibration, not to draw from yourself even more and deplete your energy.

Now, to build on this example, a person could say, “well, I kinda don’t ever want to go to the gym. It takes too much energy”. This is a denial of Love. The difference stems from actually being self-aware and attuned to what your body, mind and soul wants and needs versus falling prey to the lower vibrational attractor. Sometimes you need a break, true. Take the break. But, there’s little deniability that you need fresh air, exercise and healthful foods. There’s a balance in knowing what you will benefit from right now and that which you’ll benefit from in the long run. A self-employed painter, with a budget to spend on one vehicle, might really want to buy a muscle car. That might be great for the weekend, but the painter should probably buy a work truck.

The lessons from Love happen all day, every day. This is where we come back to the culpability of self-awareness. To fully absorb and embrace what Love has to offer, self-awareness is integral. You have to know how you feel. You have to know how your individual self responds and reacts to life. Not your ego response, that being, the response that trumps being right over everything else. But, your heart response; the true response borne of who you really are.

Both of these responses happen in parellel with each other. Would you rather argue with someone to prove you’re right or have everyone be happy? Does complaining about something solve your problem or does finding internal (and external) resolution really address the disharmony? Does denying a homeless person so little as a smile raise the vibration of the universe or is it just a mechanism for you to feel less uncomfortable with yourself?

Being tuned into this channel is not tough. No one entered this plane of existence to be a jerk. There’s a lot of jerks out there, sure. But, they know they’re jerks and just don’t know how to face up to it to make a change. Even those of us who take fleeting pride in being made of stone and emotionless, feel. We all feel. You know when you’ve done or are doing something that your heart wouldn’t do if you let it be in charge all the time. It’s the identification of the disparity between what your heart would do and what you’re actually doing that offers the lesson.

It’s pretty simple but it’s probably not that easy. It’s not really that tough, either. Your true being is one with your heart response. You’re actually using up more energy and life force doing anything but that. It’s built on momentum – the more your heart gets to lead the response, the more out of alignment you’ll feel when it doesn’t, the easier you’ll be able to identify each opportunity for the greater you to shine through.

Hate to break to you, but school’s always in.

Be Love.


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    James from India? James from Aromansse? Wow, I'm impressed with your insights and willingness to be so open. Not the vibe I originally got from you. I love your piece on India. Beautiful India. I think I'll do some more reading... :) A fellow Aromansse student

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