do or do nut….the choice is yours.


It seems counterintuitive to believe that anything with a hole in it could be complete. That, the emptiness is the way it’s supposed to be. The way the Universe intended it.

An absence of whatever it may be can’t help but be thought of as something that needs to be filled. It’s easily, and often, interpreted as that we are without.

And so, when we experience the feeling of without, we are triggered and driven to remove the void and remove the feeling.

Lack is nothing more than a feeling; an idea. What of a perspective that considers the desire or need to eliminate the lack is actually what creates it?

Your daily life is exactly this. A person doesn’t need look any further than the thousands of ads and commercials seen each and every day about what they don’t have, but now need.

If you didn’t know you needed something, would you still?

The excess of consumerism is an easy one to poke a hole in. But, this isn’t about overriding outside stuff with inside stuff. This is about overriding inside stuff with, well, more inside stuff.

Most intrinsic thought systems want to tell you that if you’re really going to get anywhere in life, both Earthly and spiritual, you have to fill your Heart up. And, I agree! Of course, I agree. That being said, philosophical argument can present that as soon as you’ve introduced a consciousness to an idea that it needs to fill something up, it will think it’s missing something.

Your Heart is missing nothing. It is complete. And thus, as are you.

This is what I mean about replacing inside stuff with more inside stuff. Nine out of nine times, we try to use outside stuff – materiality, attention, diversion – to patch the perceived “holes” of the inside stuff – self-worth, confidence, Love.

At the same time, we also use really wonderful things in life to patch those inside “holes”. Things like helping others, relationships, building a family or what we believe to be a particular station in life. Don’t get me wrong; these are all amazing things, imperative and invaluable toward the goal of living a fulfilling and meaningful life. But, they are not the answer to the perceived lack.

Much like the ads and commercials, we’ve been convinced that we need an external reliance of the “inside stuff” to fill up our Hearts. We try to find the beautiful parts of life to make us complete. But, the beautiful parts of life are just that, beautiful. They’re not meant to complete you or me or anyone. It’s the reason why, when we chase after these things and finally attain them, that we don’t understand why the feeling of absence is still there. We believe the wonderful “inside stuff” was supposed to take care of it all. It’s a not a crazy concept. It’s compelling in its sensibility because the foundation of the belief is found within the meaningful parts of life; giving, sharing and Love.

The simplicity of it is that you are not missing anything from your Heart that the inside-out or outside-in, beautiful or not, can or will fill up. It is just the idea, the perception, that our Heart will only be full once we’ve achieved the sincerely meaningful things in life. It’s just an idea.

The truth is that you are meaningful in life as you are. The hole is just an idea. You are complete. You are whole.

Be Love.



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