there is a place beyond this place

There is a place beyond this place.

It is taller than the tallest tree; deeper than the deepest ocean; more powerful than the most powerful star.

It is nowhere, but only for reason that it cannot be mapped with longitude or latitude. By which, for the very same contemplation, makes it everywhere.

It is close but simultaneously, can seem never farther away.

For everyone, this place is the same. Yet, the path is different. The complexion of it, the meaning of it, the pull of it; distinct for each, as a fingerprint or a snowflake on a quiet morning.

Where you can go will not be as anyone else has gone, yet the stories are akin. Your true eyes – your soul – will tell the story without words. For, there are no words to tell.

The distance between the stars is incomprehensible, yet it takes but one look up, to see them all. With the tip of a finger and no more than the slightest motion, an invisible line connects any two. Or three, or ten, or all.

There is a place beyond this place.

You needn’t go anywhere. It will come to you. Its power is not what can be done with it, but with what will be done to you. It is not surrender of control. It is an awakening that there is no control. You, by definition, does not include parameters, rules or limitations. You cannot be defined.

True sight is a product of belief. It is a product of knowing. Not that which can be touched or seen, heard or smelled – it is following that line to the star. It is past you, bigger than you, stronger than you. But, it is You.

The mere thought, the knowing, that there is no end to the Universe creates a Universe with no end. The knowing that You are one with Universe, makes it so. It is the same for us all.

For every thought you conjure, feel it. Feel the truth. Don’t see the surface with your eyes, feel its story. Connect to it. Connect to everything that is in your Universe. Follow the invisible line from all that is your Universe to all that is your Heart. The truth is with each of those lines.

No one can tell you how. If were possible to do so, you wouldn’t be able to understand. It is not understood within physical limitations. It is beyond that, this place that is waiting for You. It is waiting for you to allow it to come to You. The search isn’t easy or hard; the journey is not short or long. It cannot be anything because it is not of space or time. It is everything.

Feel the connection, every connection, that is part of You. Feel the invisible lines emanating from your being, like a never-ending power grid whose sole purpose is to illuminate your life; your Universe. Like each and every star in the night sky.

There is a place beyond this place.

Be Love.












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