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Whether it’s wearing the proverbial shoe on the other foot, turning the metaphorical tables or figuratively trading places; take pause. Take pause as to who you are, where you are and what you have.

Compassion is something that is always at a shortage. It’s also something that can never be overdosed on. There is someone, always, not far away from where you are right this very moment that needs help. When you’re looking for a place to charge your phone, someone is looking for something to eat. Or, somewhere to sleep.

I think I sort of get it; compassion is a tough go. Not only does it seem like the world’s problems are insurmountable, but I think we think that acting with compassion or exercising empathy means we, too, will be sad. It stands to reason that thinking about those less fortunate doesn’t really make a person feel that great and, probably, that there’s just too much to do. And so, where’s the allure of compassion and empathy when it just seems like it’ll drag us down or it’s too much work? Guess it depends upon how you think about it.

The most underused cliché is that “one person can make a difference”. Ever heard of Mother Theresa? Probably. Mahatma Gandhi? I’d hope so. How about Narayanan Krishnan, Betty Makoni, Dr Jim Withers or Robert Lee. Could you imagine one person multiplied by a billion, trying to make a difference?

Your thoughts are your power. Your power is your thoughts.

Anybody who ever believed they couldn’t do “it”, probably didn’t. Anyone who believed they could, gave themselves a chance. Compassion isn’t asking you to change the world, it’s asking you to change yours.

Live your life. Drink that overpriced coffee, watch Netflix until your brain seizes, buy stuff you don’t need. Do all of those things. Do whatever is enjoyment to you. But, maybe every time you have that coffee, you sock away $1 for someone that can’t afford the very same. Or, for every season of some junk you watch on television, you volunteer an hour at a soup kitchen or mission. And, every time you buy another new whatever-it-is you don’t need, you donate an old whatever-it-is that you don’t need.

View compassion as an opportunity. An opportunity to create something better than what it was. An opportunity to be someone’s light. An opportunity to be your own light.

And hey, maybe you don’t want to do any of those things; that’s fine. Maybe it’s just more than a person is willing to do. But then I ask, smile, at least. Be cheerful to the people you know and the people you meet. Give compliments, patience and hugs. Whether it’s the shoe, the table or the place, we all like we get those things. Be responsible for the energy you bring.

No one’s asking you to change the world, just ask yourself to change your own.

Be Love.



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