this definitely says, “just go”!


Not everything needs to be a process. Not everything needs to be thought over and over….and over, again.

Sometimes, eight words are better than eighteen. Or, even still sometimes, none are better than any. Especially, when they all say the same thing.

Whatever it is, just go.

Not trusting in Love, in the Universe and yourself, slows you down. Not that you need to be in a rush, but don’t you want to see what’s next? Isn’t the destination really the journey? We spend so much time with pros and cons, goods and bads, this will happen or that will happen. You know what you get when you sit on your hands and think and think and think? I don’t know, either. Sweaty hands?

Just go.

We all have that flash in our Heart for everything we need to do; everything that crosses our path. It’s that flash that guides us. But, we don’t trust it. We trust analytics and outlines, weighting calculations and rating systems. I can tell one consistent product of all of that, every time; fear. Or, apprehension, doubt, insecurity; it’s all the same. Things that pull you down not lift you up. It’s not You.

It’s okay to think about things. We all have our decision making process. But, the Universe has a decision making process, too. And, it trumps yours. It’s already decided, long ago, that you’re here to succeed.

Imagine the power you would give to yourself if, for any path you take in life no matter how big or small at the time, you were to say, “I will succeed at this”? Regardless of what the possible outcomes are perceived to be, you just say, “I will succeed at this”. How could it not go your way? It would have to because it would go the way the Universe intended for it to go. Which, is the way it needs to go because the Universe knows everything. And, if the Universe is on your side toward success and it knows everything and whatever it is in question goes the way the Universe wants it to, then doesn’t that mean you can’t fail?

Be yourself. Be the Universe. Be Love. Be as big as you can possibly be. And, once you’ve been all that, be even bigger. None of us can even begin to comprehend the expanse of our being. It’s not even close to; if you should take the job or ask the girl out or buy a new car, whatever, whatever, whatever. That’s just all the stuff that’s happening while you evolve. You are here to evolve. To broaden your thinking, to get bigger, to evolve, to be invincible.

MC Hammer had it right; “can’t touch this”.

So, just go.

Be Love.



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